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GTI Travel provides business travel management services to organizations.

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Ongoing process Improvement
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GTI Travel Corporate Travel Agency for Business Travel

GTI Travel Corporate Travel Agency

Effective corporate travel management

involves much more than making reservations. Controlling your costs, negotiating with vendors, and having the global clout to effectively manage your travel can result in significant savings for your bottom line.

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GTI Travel Corporate Travel Agency

Technology and resources

are important but when it comes right down to it, effective corporate travel management still comes down to people. GTI’s staff has an average of 25 years in the industry and uses that knowledge and creativity to make the difference between an average travel program and an excellent one.

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GTI Travel Corporate Travel Agency

Business meetings

are often not considered in a company’s travel program and we find that significant dollars are lost as a result. GTI Travel’s 25 years of experience in corporate meeting planning and our propriety online registration will be both cost effective and result in a high level of traveler satisfaction.

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