How to fund your Travelling Expenses as a Student Athlete?

How to fund your Travelling Expenses as a Student Athlete?Student-athletes have a lot of hoops to jump through before contacting travel management companies. Fundraising is key to securing funds for necessary sports equipment and travel accommodations for the big event. It’s not uncommon for the burden of these costs to detract from the fun of the experience. Luckily, however, there are several creative ways to lighten the financial burden of traveling expenses for student-athletes.

7 Creative Ways for Student-athletes to Fund Traveling Expenses

Mix and match these funding options to meet your fundraising target.

  • T-Shirt/Swag Fundraiser
    Custom-designed team apparel is a great way to build school and community morale and give your fundraising budget a boost. Well-designed, limited-edition shirts and swag are sure to get scarfed up fast.
  • Peer-to-Peer (Crowdfunding) Campaign
    Online peer-to-peer fundraising is big these days, advertised via social media and community forums. Using timed challenges and posting contributor rankings can boost momentum.
  • Athletic Shoe Drive
    Collecting new and gently-worn cleats (or other sports-specific shoes) can be a great way to add to your fundraising piggy-bank and help youth in the community. If you don’t want to sell them yourself, contact an athletic shoe drive facilitator to learn more about goals and compensation.
  • Auction
    Auctions can be casual or fancy, with a pot-luck or catering and auctions items donated from area individuals, sports teams, businesses, and restaurants.
  • Community Dining Event
    Community pot-luck or farm-to-table dining events are another great way to earn traveling funds. Plan your venue and menu, selling tickets in advance.
  • Food Truck Partnership
    Forming a partnership with a local food trunk vendor helps boost their customer-base and your fundraising efforts.
  • Neighborhood Field day
    A field day at a local park is great for raising money and garnering community support.

Cost Savings Reduce Travel Expense Burdens

In addition to raising money, it’s essential to look at ways to save on traveling expenses. This can reduce your overall fundraising burden. Avoid booking airline tickets online, looking to trusted travel services professional for the best deals here, as well as lodging and transportation. You can also reduce travel costs during your trip by:

  • Booking a room with kitchen and dining amenities. 
    Making your own meals and stocking your own beverages can save a pretty penny. For this reason, alternative lodgings (apartments, vacation rentals) may make more sense than multiple hotel rooms. If you must eat out, research affordable options in advance.
  • Bring your own snacks and beverages to the sports event.
    Kids need food, and event menu markups are typically substantial.
  • Shop at local stores and farmer’s markets.
    This will allow you to enjoy the local cuisine and fresh, healthy seasonal foods without paying the high prices of restaurants.
  • Make yourself aware of transportation options.
    Taxi services add up quickly. Can you save with subway and bus fare, or would it be more convenient and affordable to rent a car?

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Typical costs for using a Business Travel Agency: Are they Worth it?

Typical costs for using a Business Travel Agency: Are they Worth it?Are you on the fence over whether working with a business travel agency is worth it? Travel agents take the stress out of travel planning, minimizing time spent researching and booking, and helping business travelers uncover lodging and experiences they might not otherwise be able to find on their own. Those who have worked with an experienced agent will tell you they’re worth their weight in gold.

Minimal Charges

Though corporate travel management services come at a cost, that cost is relatively low. Here are some typical costs you may incur when working with an agency –

  • Full Service/Concierge Options

The agency will keep your information and preferences on file and manage your travel bookings accordingly. You will pay a small per-transaction fee for each booking, and the agency will manage all of your airfare, ground transportation and lodging needs at a far lower cost than an employee’s hourly rate.

  • Self Service Options

Some employees prefer control over their arrangements, so many travel agencies also offer self-booking services through a portal, and may charge you an annual fee for the use of the portal. They may or may not charge an additional small per-transaction fee with this option.

  • Travel Policy Creation/Implementation Assistance

If you are looking to create/improve your company’s travel policy, or need help with policy enforcement, experience travel agencies are well equipped to assist with that. They may offer travel policy consultations at an agreed-upon rate, although good travel agencies with whom you have relationships may offer free policy samples and waive the consultation fees as a goodwill gesture

The costs vary from agency to agency, but many travel agencies charge no contract fees and have no minimum booking requirements so there are no costs to you unless you book a trip.  But make sure to understand your contract, read the fine print, and ask questions about the specific fees before signing anything.

Maximum Benefits

There are many benefits of using a travel company.

  • Travel Agents Help You Get Better Discounts
    You don’t have to be a member of your area wholesaler club to know purchasing power nets savings advantages. It’s a fact, travel agency relationships can leverage better deals for your business.
  • Travel Agents Can Provide Expert Advice
    Top corporate travel companies are up-to-date on the best amenities and trending leaders in service, quality, and customer favor. It’s their job to stay on top of travel trends and the most popular travel and lodging offerings.
  • The Best Travel Agents Deliver Fun Extras
    Some of the best perks of regularly using a travel agent are the fun extras agents can include that venues often overlook with travelers booking solo. Agents know you don’t have to use them to book the next trip, and they want to thank you and encourage future business.
  • Travel Agents Provide Integral Support in Unfortunate Circumstances
    From flight delays to hotel quality issues, travel agents are your advocate should something go awry, helping business travelers with everything from lost luggage and forgotten prescriptions to mitigating unexpected natural disasters safely.
  • Travel Agents Uncover Actionable Data
    The best business travel management companies provide booking reports and compliance tools, helping your business identify opportunities for savings.


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