6 Ways Travel Agencies Make Your Business Travel Easy

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While booking your own travel is possible, more and more companies are discovering that while “DIY” is great for home improvement projects, it can backfire big when you apply that to important aspects of your business like travel arrangement. Here are 6 ways travel agencies make your business travel easier:

1. Someone to Call

With weather delays, lost luggage, changed meeting times and illnesses, the list of potential challenges that could interrupt your well-planned business trip are practically endless. In fact, when you are traveling for business and need to be on time, it seems that delays and problems are the norms, rather than the exception. When you use a GTI travel management consultant, you have someone to call 24/7 that can help you:

  • Reschedule.
  • Find the information you need.
  • Get emergency supplies or help.

2. Peace of Mind

Ever hear a report about terrorism in another country or political demonstrations and worry about your business travelers? With a travel agent in charge, you and your travelers have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what they encounter, an expert is in charge of getting them to their destination and home safely.

3. Better Travel Arrangements

Even though you can get all of those flights, hotels, and other arrangements on your own, you can’t do it as well as an experienced travel agent who has:

  • Access to special pricing and discounts.
  • The ability to get upgrades or extras.
  • Experience in creating itineraries that provide for better travel.

4. Save Money

Not only can a corporate travel consultant save you time, they usually save you money both in planning the trip and in managing your business travel expenses for your company. Why? They can help:

  • Develop best practice travel policies.
  • Train employees on policies.
  • Track compliance.
  • Analyze and articulate business travel goals.

5. Tips and Tricks

A travel agent has heard your question a thousand times. That is good news. It means they are more than prepared with any possible answer that you need. They can give you good information about preparing to travel. Moreover, they can help you avoid many travel glitches with their tips and tricks on:

  • Best itineraries for your route.
  • Which areas of the town or hotels to avoid.
  • The easiest way to get around a city.
  • What you need to pack and what you don’t for a particular country.

6. Local Information

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, business travel agents can help you be prepared by providing:

  • Local weather information.
  • Currency conversion information.
  • Information about visas and identification you will need.
  • Travel warnings and information about vaccines.
  • Directions to hotels, transportation or business meetings.
  • Where to buy things you forgot to bring.

Who wouldn’t want instant access to the best travel industry knowledge and information for their business travelers? You would not handicap sales people by not providing them everything they need to succeed. By using travel agent services you let your business travelers focus on what they do best: represent your business.