7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent for Your Next Business Trip

Use Travel Agents for your next Business Trip - GTI TravelWith the availability of online booking, you may wonder if your business should use a travel agent. Perhaps you are unsure whether that will save your company money. Here are 7 reasons using a corporate travel agent is still the best idea for your next business trip:

Better Travel Deals

One thing that most people don’t know is that the very best deals on travel are only offered to travel agents with specialized connections to services. Moreover, as we all know, getting the cheapest deal on travel may not always be the best choice if the layovers lose the traveler time or hotel accommodations are not clean, safe or centrally located.

Saves Time

Looking for travel reservations online takes time, especially when business travelers are looking for a particular itinerary or are trying to save money. Expert travel agents often can make better travel arrangements and often can make a better itinerary because they know the layout of a city without having to read various reviews and look at maps. Letting an expert take care of the travel arrangements saves the business travel time that they can better spend getting ready for meetings.

Personalized Attention

When you use GTI Travel, you will have 24/7 access to a live person in the case of any need to:

  • Change flights.
  • Book a different hotel.
  • Locate something you forgot.
  • Take care of an emergency situation.

Expert Advice

Global travel agents have personal experience and access to information that can make your business travel safer, easier and much more pleasant. Even if you’ve been to a city many times before or spend hours researching, you probably still won’t have the up-to-date information they have about:

  • Best service at hotels.
  • Highest quality restaurants and meeting rooms.
  • Easiest travel within a city.

Higher Quality at Cheaper Prices

Want to save money? A travel management company has the clout to leverage their client’s upgrades or special services at bargain prices. Moreover, they buy in volume and so can often get deals that you couldn’t get online.

Help When You Need It

Unfortunately, lots of things can go wrong on a business trip. You can have a layover, a health emergency, a change in meeting plans or baggage that doesn’t show up. If you buy your tickets online, you are on your own, but with a travel agent at your side, you have someone that you can go to for help. GTI international global consultants have offices worldwide with specialists who can take care of any emergency, to make sure that a business traveler makes it to and from their destination safely and on time.

Help With Travel Policies

Have a small business? Wondering what is the best way to save the most money on business travel? GTI’s Small Business Travel Management services provide not only travel agent services for booking business travel but also:

  • Help in evaluating your travel policies for best practices of your industry.
  • Assistance in setting up travel policy management.
  • Evaluation tools to help you assess the cost effectiveness of your business travel.

The bottom Line? To have better, safer, cheaper business travel be sure to use an agent. Read more about our business travel management services here https://www.gtitravel.com/small-business-travel-agency-management/.