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The New Corona virus: What Travellers Needs to Know

Given the recent outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus and the minimal amount of information available to the public surrounding the illness, frequent business travelers are understandably concerned. How can you stay safe as the story unfolds? Health Officials Urge Vigilance If you are your employees travel globally, it is essential to remain aware of the virus. Take the […]

How Airlines are Changing the Baggage Game. Who is the Winner?

Airlines in the U.S. collected nearly $5 billion in baggage fees last year. The cost of ancillary services in airline travel continues to rise, of which baggage plays a pivotal role. Though premium classes remain largely unaffected, passengers purchasing low-cost fares are taking an increasing financial hit as economy carriers create more complex pricing schemes, […]

Business Travel 101 For First Time Business Travelers

For those new to business travel, the initial journey can be fraught with uncertainty and stress. However, with realistic expectations and key information, business travel can be quite an enjoyable experience. What do you need to know for your maiden voyage? Ensure a smooth trip with these corporate travel management tips for first-time business travelers. Make Sure […]

Is Your Company’s Travel Program Ready for 2020? Let’s Review.

As consumer needs and technology evolves, so too does the business travel industry. What trends are expected to have an impact on business travel in the year ahead? The corporate travel planning pros at GTI Travel predict these industry shifts based on current business travel statistics and data in the coming year. Upcoming Business Travel Trends for […]

What Matters to Business Travelers around the World: A RoomIt Survey

The GBTA Business Travel Sentiment Index, a survey conducted in partnership with RoomIt by CWT, recently revealed the sentiments of consistent business travelers across the globe. Despite the economic challenges faced in some parts of the world, the outlook of business travelers remains positive. The travel experience has the most significant impact on response. Sentiment surrounding trip experiences […]

Stay Fit When You are Traveling with These Quick Workouts

Maintaining a regular workout schedule while away for business travel can be tough, even for the disciplined. However, with a little forethought, you can maintain your fitness level, even if the hotel you’ve booked doesn’t have a gym. No Space? Hotfoot It If you have minimal time or no space, exploring the local area on […]

Consistent Business Travelers? 5 Things to Know!

It’s not uncommon for consistent business travelers to become road-weary. Spending hours on an airplane, sleeping in a strange hotel room, windowless meeting/office spaces, and cookie-cutter dining choices can get old pretty fast. However, there are ways to reinvigorate your travel experience with the help of a few business travel planning tips. 1. Think Positive Instead of […]

Travel hacks to save you a lot of MONEY, What no one talks about!

Traveling for business or pleasure can be a great way to get away from your everyday routine. But maintaining a budget while you’re away can be stressful. How can you keep costs under control while still enjoying the travel experience? The business travel planning pros at GTI Travel have a few tips to help you stretch your […]