How to fund your Travelling Expenses as a Student Athlete?

How to fund your Travelling Expenses as a Student Athlete?Student-athletes have a lot of hoops to jump through before contacting travel management companies. Fundraising is key to securing funds for necessary sports equipment and travel accommodations for the big event. It’s not uncommon for the burden of these costs to detract from the fun of the experience. Luckily, however, there are several creative ways to lighten the financial burden of traveling expenses for student-athletes.

7 Creative Ways for Student-athletes to Fund Traveling Expenses

Mix and match these funding options to meet your fundraising target.

  • T-Shirt/Swag Fundraiser
    Custom-designed team apparel is a great way to build school and community morale and give your fundraising budget a boost. Well-designed, limited-edition shirts and swag are sure to get scarfed up fast.
  • Peer-to-Peer (Crowdfunding) Campaign
    Online peer-to-peer fundraising is big these days, advertised via social media and community forums. Using timed challenges and posting contributor rankings can boost momentum.
  • Athletic Shoe Drive
    Collecting new and gently-worn cleats (or other sports-specific shoes) can be a great way to add to your fundraising piggy-bank and help youth in the community. If you don’t want to sell them yourself, contact an athletic shoe drive facilitator to learn more about goals and compensation.
  • Auction
    Auctions can be casual or fancy, with a pot-luck or catering and auctions items donated from area individuals, sports teams, businesses, and restaurants.
  • Community Dining Event
    Community pot-luck or farm-to-table dining events are another great way to earn traveling funds. Plan your venue and menu, selling tickets in advance.
  • Food Truck Partnership
    Forming a partnership with a local food trunk vendor helps boost their customer-base and your fundraising efforts.
  • Neighborhood Field day
    A field day at a local park is great for raising money and garnering community support.

Cost Savings Reduce Travel Expense Burdens

In addition to raising money, it’s essential to look at ways to save on traveling expenses. This can reduce your overall fundraising burden. Avoid booking airline tickets online, looking to trusted travel services professional for the best deals here, as well as lodging and transportation. You can also reduce travel costs during your trip by:

  • Booking a room with kitchen and dining amenities. 
    Making your own meals and stocking your own beverages can save a pretty penny. For this reason, alternative lodgings (apartments, vacation rentals) may make more sense than multiple hotel rooms. If you must eat out, research affordable options in advance.
  • Bring your own snacks and beverages to the sports event.
    Kids need food, and event menu markups are typically substantial.
  • Shop at local stores and farmer’s markets.
    This will allow you to enjoy the local cuisine and fresh, healthy seasonal foods without paying the high prices of restaurants.
  • Make yourself aware of transportation options.
    Taxi services add up quickly. Can you save with subway and bus fare, or would it be more convenient and affordable to rent a car?

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Typical costs for using a Business Travel Agency: Are they Worth it?

Typical costs for using a Business Travel Agency: Are they Worth it?Are you on the fence over whether working with a business travel agency is worth it? Travel agents take the stress out of travel planning, minimizing time spent researching and booking, and helping business travelers uncover lodging and experiences they might not otherwise be able to find on their own. Those who have worked with an experienced agent will tell you they’re worth their weight in gold.

Minimal Charges

Though corporate travel management services come at a cost, that cost is relatively low. Here are some typical costs you may incur when working with an agency –

  • Full Service/Concierge Options

The agency will keep your information and preferences on file and manage your travel bookings accordingly. You will pay a small per-transaction fee for each booking, and the agency will manage all of your airfare, ground transportation and lodging needs at a far lower cost than an employee’s hourly rate.

  • Self Service Options

Some employees prefer control over their arrangements, so many travel agencies also offer self-booking services through a portal, and may charge you an annual fee for the use of the portal. They may or may not charge an additional small per-transaction fee with this option.

  • Travel Policy Creation/Implementation Assistance

If you are looking to create/improve your company’s travel policy, or need help with policy enforcement, experience travel agencies are well equipped to assist with that. They may offer travel policy consultations at an agreed-upon rate, although good travel agencies with whom you have relationships may offer free policy samples and waive the consultation fees as a goodwill gesture

The costs vary from agency to agency, but many travel agencies charge no contract fees and have no minimum booking requirements so there are no costs to you unless you book a trip.  But make sure to understand your contract, read the fine print, and ask questions about the specific fees before signing anything.

Maximum Benefits

There are many benefits of using a travel company.

  • Travel Agents Help You Get Better Discounts
    You don’t have to be a member of your area wholesaler club to know purchasing power nets savings advantages. It’s a fact, travel agency relationships can leverage better deals for your business.
  • Travel Agents Can Provide Expert Advice
    Top corporate travel companies are up-to-date on the best amenities and trending leaders in service, quality, and customer favor. It’s their job to stay on top of travel trends and the most popular travel and lodging offerings.
  • The Best Travel Agents Deliver Fun Extras
    Some of the best perks of regularly using a travel agent are the fun extras agents can include that venues often overlook with travelers booking solo. Agents know you don’t have to use them to book the next trip, and they want to thank you and encourage future business.
  • Travel Agents Provide Integral Support in Unfortunate Circumstances
    From flight delays to hotel quality issues, travel agents are your advocate should something go awry, helping business travelers with everything from lost luggage and forgotten prescriptions to mitigating unexpected natural disasters safely.
  • Travel Agents Uncover Actionable Data
    The best business travel management companies provide booking reports and compliance tools, helping your business identify opportunities for savings.


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7 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Travel Manager

7 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Travel ManagerAllowing employees to make arrangements for business travel online may seem easy. However, if travel is a significant part of operating your business, it may be costing you more than you realize. With the help of a corporate travel manager, you could eliminate a host of travel headaches. More than a travel agent, corporate travel managers do much more than simply book tickets. What corporate travel management benefits are you missing out on?

A Corporate Travel Manager Can Help You Save Money

It’s a well-established fact, the more you buy, the more you can save. By developing relationships with trusted business travel providers, corporate travel agencies offer your business access to their collective bargaining power, providing you cost saving travel solutions. And unlike online services, where it’s assumed your purchase is a once-and-done endeavor, they will continue to provide you consistent cost-savings in the future, including discounted rates and traveler perks, such as better amenities.

A Corporate Travel Manager Can Help You Steer Clear of Hidden Fees

Travel websites are well-known for hidden fees and caveats in the fine print they hope the average traveler will overlook. However, a corporate travel manager can help your team avoid these snafus, bringing actual cost and complete details to light.

A Corporate Travel Manager Can Provide Your Team 24/7 Travel Assistance

The best corporate travel companies will provide your team 24/7 assistance for those frustrating moments of business travel when baggage is lost and flights are cancelled or delayed, providing immediate assistance to your employees when they need it most.

A Corporate Travel Manager Can Help You Create Corporate Travel Policy Guidelines

Do you frequently travel coach to save money, only to find some employees flying first class? With the help of a corporate travel manager to help your business create corporate travel policy guidelines, you can develop clear travel policy rules and procedures that protect your budget while ensuring the comfort of employees. By analyzing your current procedures, a corporate travel manager can help you design a custom plan based on your business’ specific needs, helping you save money, improve efficiency, and reduce travel planning stress.

A Corporate Travel Manager Can Provide Duty of Care Support

Corporate travel planning should account for every potential scenario, including emergencies such as natural disasters and political unrest. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees while they’re away. This duty of care can be overwhelming in these circumstances without support. With the help of a corporate travel manager, you can more easily make alternative arrangements in a crisis.

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4 Tips for Improving your Corporate Travel Program

It’s not uncommon for businesses to struggle with corporate travel program compliance. However, business travel management companies know corporate travel program policies are essential, safeguarding your employees and helping you maintain your bottom line. What if with a few tweaks, you could improve your travel program and compliance? Skeptical? It may be easier than you think.

4 Tips for Improving Your Corporate Travel Program (Your Employees Will Appreciate)

  1. Make Travel Policies Clear
    The two main reasons for a lack of adherence to travel policy guidelines are a lack of clarity and a lack of communication. When was the last time you communicated with your employees on company travel policies? Employee education is crucial, driving up compliance. Regular travelers should also be refreshed. Oftentimes, even management staff do not know travel policy well enough to clarify and enforce it.To boost compliance, make policies cut and dry, in plain English. Include definitions of key terms such as ancillary fees and restricted airfares to prevent confusion. Note the penalties for non-compliance. Make these policies easily accessible via the company intranet or through your business travel planner. Update these policies, and your employees, often for maximum benefit.
  2. Value Employee Satisfaction Alongside Savings
    Improving the booking and travel experience for employees is an easy way to boost employee compliance with travel policies. These may seem counterintuitive, but it is not. Improved employee satisfaction doesn’t always equate with higher expenses. Better traveler services boost compliance by changing employee behavior.Inviting feedback from traveling employees is a great way to drive change in this area. Free survey tools from your corporate travel agency can help you gain essential data. For instance, would employees happily choose a 3-star lodging over 4-star if it meant additional funds for dining? Such decisions simply shift costs, rather than driving them up.
  3. Gamify to Reach Compliance Goals
    Gamification can be an effective way to boost compliance. Implementing strategies such as leader boards and online badges for ranking employees in corporate travel policy compliance are an inexpensive and fun way to encourage employees to adhere to guidelines. To prevent yours from falling short, however, you’ll need to offer more than bragging rights. These aren’t enough to incentivize employees. Instead, consider financial incentives for savings, like gifting top-performing employees a percentage of savings earned.
  4. Beef Up Risk Management and Duty of Care Procedures
    Consider adding additional levels of safety and security to your duty of care and risk management programs. It is your legal and moral responsibility to protect employees from harm. Cover potential risks to travelers prior to each trip, devising a crisis management plan in case of emergency. Track employees at all times. These steps are especially essential for those employees visiting areas under travel alerts. Such procedures boost safety alongside travel policy compliance.

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Planning a Group Business Travel Event? Timing is Everything

Excited about organizing an upcoming business travel event? Business events require a lot of planning. How long before your event should you start planning? Planning should begin at least 18 months before you arrive on-site for your group event.

18 Months Before Your Event

Eighteen months prior, you should develop a budget, begin to look into group hotel rates, airfare, rental cars/transportation, event space, catering, insurance coverage, and other essentials. To find cost-saving travel solutions, you need to stay ahead of the game. After selecting  the final date, time, and location, discuss a potential theme with fellow managers or coworkers. Large event? Arrange for the event planning assistance you need at this time as well, bringing aboard an extra set of hands for each additional 25 people attending.

16 Months Before Your Event

Sixteen months before your business travel event, you should reserve lodging for your event with the help of your corporate travel company. At this point, you should have a good idea of what this event will cost your company. If you are advertising your event to outside parties, now is the time to set the marketing into motion.

12-14 Months Before Your Event

If you will be inviting guest speakers or entertainment to your event, this is the time to confirm their attendance. At this time, you should also finalize the necessary food and beverage needs of your group. Devise a floor plan for your event space, denoting seating, staging for entertainment, and exhibit space. Don’t forget to include spacing for food and beverage stations, and ample space for the lines in the event of a buffet. Design event announcements/advertising materials for print, and schedule the rental and setup of AV equipment.

6 Months

Print your second round event announcements, and with the help of your business travel consultant, begin scheduling employees/attendees for the trip. Double-check your budget/expenditures.

4 Months

Make adjustments for any last minute changes to speakers/entertainment, assigning each a room and event time.

2 Months

Amend your budget for expenditures, finalize your event schedule, and make copies for attendees. Verify your AV needs are being addressed. Determine the need for on-site signage and staff/security. Order event supplies such as pens and pads at this time. Review billing activities with your chosen hotel and event space.

1 Month

Print event guides, name tags, tickets, and other materials. Submit your daily schedule to the hotel.

Time Up to Final Event Day

Arrange an on-site office. Gather supplies and event materials, including registration packets. Finalize food and beverage needs. At the event location, begin preparing your space, including seating and décor. Do not leave anything until the last minute, as you will be busy during the day of the event supervising and ensuring things run on schedule.

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Advantages of Using a Business Travel Agency to get the Best Deals

Think the benefits of corporate travel services are limited to only large companies? Think again. Despite the availability of online bookings for business travel, travel agents still book the bulk of travel services. Why are they in such high demand? Using a business travel agency offers a wealth of benefits to companies of all shapes and sizes.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Travel Management Service?

Whether you need small business travel management services or global event travel planning needs, corporate travel programs have a lot to offer.

  • Cost Savings
    Tight budget? No matter the size of your business, employing the help of a travel agency can save your business significant money. Due to their buying power, business travel agencies can leverage the best prices for airfare, hotels, and rental cars, trimming fares via corporate discounts, avoiding 3rd party transaction fees, and ensuring itinerary changes without fees with customer travel protections.
  • Extra Perks
    Need a break? In addition to pricing discounts, your relationship with a corporate travel agent could yield your business additional perks, including flight and room upgrades, free hotel breakfasts, and VIP check-in lines at rental car kiosks and hotels.
  • Time Savings
    Googled out? Experienced travel agents have the resources to find the most convenient and affordable flights, transportation, and lodging quickly, without taking a dent out daily productivity.
  • Ease of Booking
    Tired of daily hassles? Top corporate travel companies can expertly navigate the hassles business travelers frequently encounter, choosing from a glut of options rates, and dates, and surmounting obstacles from sold-out flights to overbooked hotels with ease, and making booking travel reservations a breeze.
  • Improved Compliance with Corporate Travel Policies
    Struggling with compliance issues? With the help of a corporate travel management company, your business can ensure transparency and a thorough understanding of travel expenses, allowing you to not only ensure compliance with corporate travel policies, but track and examine travel expenditures to uncover opportunities for savings.
  • Easier Itinerary Changes
    Something come up? In the business world, last minute travel changes are inevitable. However, with the help of a business travel planner, these are easier to mitigate without frustrating phone calls and additional charges.
  • A Direct Line to Help in Emergencies
    Trouble on-site? In emergencies, seconds matter. With a single point of contact for emergency support, your employees can rest assured that in the event of a travel emergency, rapid access to the professional and speedy support they need is available, from simple troubles such as unacceptable lodging, to complicated issues resulting from political and climate calamities.

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Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Business

On busy business trips, health often takes a backseat to convenience. Over time, this can take a serious toll on the health of traveling employees physically and mentally, affecting home and work life. With just a little extra effort, however, it is possible to stay well. What small changes can be made to ensure a healthier travel experience?

Drink Healthy Liquids

Travel-weary? Your business travel planner knows this often indicates dehydration, causing symptoms like fatigue, headache, dizziness, and reduced mental capacity. To make sure you’re ready for that post-flight meeting, be sure to hydrate with plenty of water, bringing a refillable bottle to ensure adequate fluid intake. Avoid sugary drinks and excessive alcohol consumption, which worsens dehydration and amplifies these symptoms.

Wash Hands Frequently

It’s easy to pick up germs at busy airports, in taxis, and at restaurants. Washing hands often can reduce germ exposure and reduce the likelihood of illness. If you know you will be traveling places where access to a sink and water will be in short supply, pack a small carry-on sized bottle of hand sanitizer, as well as disinfecting wipes for hard surfaces like tray tables and armrests.

Maintain a Regular Schedule

Carefully schedule your trip with the help of your corporate travel agency. Maintaining a daily schedule as close as possible to the one normally followed at home is key to maintaining health during business travel and upon return.

Make Sleep a Priority

Fly during the day whenever possible, ensuring 8-hours of sleep to be certain you are able to tackle the coming day’s tasks. Proper sleep also helps the body fend off illness. Power down electronics before sleep to avoid temptation. If you need extra help drifting off due to the strange setting, consider the addition of a melatonin supplement to your travel regime.

Stay Active

Business travel agents know, travel often involves remaining sedentary for an extended period of time, which lowers immune function. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of work to reap big benefits. A walk around the block or area park, or perhaps a swim in the hotel pool, will deliver big physical and mental benefits, helping you sleep and feel better. If you’re more active, take advantage of the hotel gym, or reduce stress and increase movement in the comfort of your own room with a simple yoga routine.

Eat Sensibly

Pack healthy snacks for the plane, such as trail mix, eating well each meal of the day. Hotel refrigerators make it easy to start the day with yogurt and fruit from the local grocer. For lunch and dinner, opt for dishes with fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein. Avoid high fat, high sugar, and high salt, high calorie foods. Remember, a business trip is not vacation! Research indicates regularly eating these types of foods increases inflammation, lowers immune function, and increases the likelihood of infection and illness.

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The Top Summer Business Travel Destinations

Turn your business trip into a working vacation at these top business travel destinations. The best corporate travel companies will be happy to suggest a list of sightseeing opportunities.

Are You Traveling to One of These Top Business Travel Destinations?

  • Top U.S. Destinations:
    • Orlando
      A top summer travel destination, Orlando is home to a number of top theme parks including the Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World family of parks, as well as an array of water parks, and the Kennedy Space Center. If you’re headed south, be sure to ask about cost saving travel solutions such as park ticket combo deals you can use during your stay.
    • Seattle
      Love coffee? Visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. Prefer wine? Woodinville Wine Country features over 100 wineries and tasting rooms. Take in a show by the leading Pacific Northwest Ballet or enjoy the view atop the Space Needle. Wander Pike Place Market, or tour the areas most-coveted museums, including the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, Pacific Science Center.
    • Anchorage
      Pack a jacket, contact your business travel consultant, and get up-close-and-personal with nature in Anchorage, learning more about the natives at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, go on a whale and glacier-hunting day cruise, or find a moose at the city zoo or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. More adventurous? Go ‘flightseeing,’ bear watching, trek through Denali National Park or the Chugach Range, or try dog sledding.
    • Honolulu
      Don’t leave the island without visiting Hawaii’s world-renowned beaches. Learn how to surf, go snorkeling, or hike around Manoa Falls in Honolulu, Hawaii. Take-in the infamous art and architecture at Shangri La, or peruse an assortment of WWII attractions, including the Battleship Missouri Memorial and USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park.
    • Vancouver
      Vancouver is an outdoor lover’s dream, home to lush outdoor spaces like Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and VanDusen Botanical Garden, as well as Granville Island on Fall’s Creek, home to the popular Granville Island Market, an array of shops, restaurants, and theatres. For the more adventurous, there’s the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain, top winter skiing and snowboarding destination and summer entertainment zone.
  • Top Destinations Abroad:
    • London
      Big Ben. The Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. St. Paul’s Cathedral. The most difficult part of a business trip to London will be deciding what to take-in and what to miss-out on in this vibrant city.
    • Rome
      Rome is bursting with culturally significant destinations, including the Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums. Global event travel services providers will tell you this cultural mecca can’t be missed.
    • Dublin
      Stroll through Dublin Castle, Blarney Castle, Kilkenny Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, or Chester Beatty Library. Or get outdoors and take-in the sights at Wicklow Mountain National Park, the Cliffs of Moher, or Dingle Peninsula.
    • Paris
      Home to amazing cuisine, and iconic attractions such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, Paris has an atmosphere all its own.

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Tips for Securing Your Luggage on a Business Trip

Tips for Securing Your Luggage on a Business TripCorporate travel agents understand the risk of theft is an unfortunate part of business travel. Commonplace, your luggage can be stolen or tampered with in a variety of ways. It can be grabbed in an airport or hotel lobby, stolen during transit by taxi, and even tampered with by baggage handlers. How can you keep your luggage safe while away on business travel?

6 Luggage Safety Tips for Business Travelers

  1. Pack carefully.
    The best business travel agencies will tell you it’s wise to pack lightly, taking just what you need and leaving valuables at home. No matter what someone tries to offer you at an airport, don’t take or carry anything for anyone else. Never place your passport in checked luggage, keep it and your (charged) phone on you at all times. Keep a list on your phone or simply photograph items so you can confirm and report theft quickly.
  2. Monitor your bags at all times.
    Even during security checkpoints, when thieves can easily grab them while you are reassembling yourself. Travel with unique baggage. Colorful, easily-identifiable bags are a great way to thwart thievery. While traveling, if you decide to nap, loop the handle of your bag under your foot or use it as a footrest to deter opportunistic thieves.
  3. Lock it down.
    Never leave the pockets of your luggage open or compartments unzipped. This makes it easy for people to steal items from your bag or drop contraband items inside. In crowded areas, considering hugging your bag or pushing it in front of you, where it’s easy to keep in your line of sight.
  4. Use zip strips  or luggage locks for checked luggage.
    Luggage locks won’t prevent theft by TSA agents, but can guard against thieves. You may prefer inexpensive and easy to replace zip ties, bringing extra in the event of a security check. They are easy to cut off, but thwart opportunists. If your luggage arrives at the baggage claim with zip ties missing or zip tie colors changed, alert security immediately your bag has been tampered with. Preventing unnecessary reimbursement expenses should be a key component of your corporate expense management solutions.
  5. Don’t let your guard down.
    Luggage should also be monitored at restaurants and at your hotel. Use zip strips again here when you leave to prevent tampering. When your luggage is with you, wrap a strap around your chair or leg. Don’t leave important valuables behind, keep items such as your passport and cash on your person at all times. Even hotel safes often have a ‘master combination’ or key that could potentially allow others access.
  6. Purchase travel insurance before departing.
    Your travel expense policy guidelines likely allow for the purchase of insurance. Because lost luggage is not only inconvenient but expensive to replace, this is a wise investment. Just be certain you have the right level of insurance to cover valuables such as smartphones and office electronics.

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Packing Light for Your Next Business Trip – The Essentials

Packing Light for Your Next Business Trip - The EssentialsThe best business travel agencies know, learning how to pack lightly for trips is an essential business skill, making travel easier and theft less likely. When packing for business trip, how can you fit a week’s worth of items into a single, handy carry-on container?

Tips for Packing Light

  • Pick the right bag(s).
    Space-efficient items that fold such as sunglass, or pack flat such as specially designed totes, carefully positioned into well-designed carry on luggage such as the Travelpro Crew 11, Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic, and similar soft-sided 21-22-inch wheeled carry-ons, ensure optimal use of space, easy check-in, security screening and navigation.
  • Know neutrals are your friend.
    When selecting clothing, remember: Black goes with everything, and khaki comes in a close second. Adopting a mix-and-match travel wardrobe with neutrals can help you make the most out of limited suitcase space. Stick to the ‘five-of-each’ policy: 5 shirts/pants/undies/socks/etc.
  • Pack space efficient pieces.
    Choose lightweight items that aren’t bulky, including pieces that do double-duty. Notorious space hogs, pack a max of 2 shoes: 1 multitasking pair for business, 1 comfy pair for workouts/outings.
  • Never check your bag.
    Avoid checking your bag whenever possible. This greatly speeds up travel, allowing you to walk right off the plane, skip the long wait at the baggage claim, and go right into a meeting or hotel. Carrying on not only minimizes hassle, but saves money, making this practice not only convenient, but among top corporate expense management solutions.
  • Used ‘checked bag money’ for laundry services.
    It may be a little pricey, but it’ll help get you through with minimal clothing. Your travel expense policy guidelines should indicate reimbursement potential for this.
  • Store liquids in tiny containers and think thrifty.
    Fill necessary liquids into 2oz. traveler bottles. Call the hotel in advance, leaving complimentary toiletries like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste behind when these are provided as part of your stay. Likewise, keep cosmetics lean. You’re not on the runway.
  • Pair down electronics.
    Chargers and cords can take up a lot of room, and electronics pose a significant theft risk. Unless you absolutely can’t live without it, try to pair down electronics to 1-2 essential items, leaving the rest at home.
  • Do save space for things you love.
    Such as a book, magazine, or Kindle.
  • Do bring backups of essentials.
    Corporate travel agents will be quick to tell you, you can never have too many high-res copies of your driver’s license, passport, visa, and credit cards on the SD card of your phone or computer. These copies can be a lifesaver in the event of theft/loss.
  • Continually think smaller.
    Every few months, take another look at items parked in your business ‘go bag.’ If you haven’t used them the last couple times you traveled, lose it.

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