What is a Business Travel Buyer?

A Business Travel Buyer is a person or persons in an organization responsible for hiring or outsourcing their companies travel purchases.

A Business Travel Buyer must have the confidence that their travel management firm is doing all they can do for them in multiple areas since travel encompasses more than just airline ticket purchases. There are hotel contracts, car rental agreements, policy controls, violations and concerns. The mid office technology that will be used has to be in line with the companies objectives. Back office reporting must be accessible to the entire company at will.

In today’s market there is front facing technology that can be implemented and useful as long as there are controls in place. These front line technologies are on line booking tools and websites that offer low or discounted airline tickets. We should all be familiar with them.

The issue with some of the more popular sites is they do not integrate into the mid office technology like Quality Control, Company Policy compliance, and the back office technology like reporting. A serious Business Travel Buyer understands this and will not let their company culture or politics rule over excessive spending or lack of controls.

GTI Travel, Inc.’s solution for businesses to manage and control costs in their corporate travel programs.

From small to large, Law Firms, Medical Industry, Sports Teams, Non Profits plus many more are using GTI Travel to manage their travel programs and save time and money that controls costs and increase value. Our on line tools are second to none. We assist Business, companies and corporations with all aspects of purchasing travel for their organization.


What is Managed Travel 2.0 ? it’s an effort by companies to relax the rules for travelers booking extra amenities for business travel.

By booking seats with more leg room , purchasing in flight Wi-Fi, and adding an extra nights hotel room to their itineraries the companies feel that their business travelers will be more productive and overall healthier in today’s competitive markets. Traveling has become a tough job. There are so many stress points to deal with just to get to your destination to conduct business.

Good travel agencies can assist with this effort by reviewing the trip and offering the services in advance. They can also report on the costs and allow for the companies to set sliding limits on its usage.

Some travel agencies will try to drive traffic to certain vendors in order to get special deals or  incentives. this practice is not always in the best interest of the client who ends up paying more for basic services.

As a trusted travel management firm these decisions to drive traffic to specif vendors must be agreed up on, monitored and analyzed frequently for the client. Thus giving them the best possible return on their travel dollar.

Travel Management 101

People who travel for their company are usually upper management, sales and service personel, we consider them High Valued Travelers since they provide essential services to thier company. They service, sell and manage their clients from the road. They contribute enormously to the companies bottom line.

This is not an easy job. There are all kinds of uncertantees when traveling on business. Cancelled flights, delays, hotel issues, car rental concerns, access to a 24 hour service for assistance, on line tools. Not to mention the job of meeting with and doing the job they were sent there to do.

We understand that these people are VIP’s and need to be treated with kid gloves. Therefore we educate and train the HVT(High Value Traveler) to the companies policies and procedures.

We continuosley evaluate travel programs, services and policy.
We examine new technologies and automated systems.
We analize the inpact of policies and procedures on the HVT’s.
We faciliate the travel executive committee direction and tempo with regards to travel issues.