How can we make Business Travel Less Stressful

Make Business Travel less StressfulBusiness travel may be an enjoyable change of pace because it gets you out of the office, but can sometimes be chaotic. Traveling to an unfamiliar place, disturbing your daily routine and preparing for big presentations or meetings can be overwhelming and often stressful. It’s vital to make business travel planning as simple as possible to relieve some of the pressure that accompanies corporate travel. Here are a few easy ways that you can make business travel less stressful:

Book transportation well in advance. Unless your business trip is last-minute, book flights, ground transportation, car rentals and trains ahead of time. Scrambling to arrange transportation can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of traveling, especially if you’re running late for an important meeting. Even if your company is on the smaller side, corporate travel agents can provide small business travel solutions that ensure all arrangements are made before your trip, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Try to maintain a daily routine. Being out of your element can throw you off and lead to sleep problems, poor eating habits and added stress and anxiety. If you hit the gym or do yoga every morning try to do the same while traveling for work. Business travel agents can make sure that your hotel has a gym, and can even find information fitness classes in the local area. If you don’t feel like going to a class, take time to do some yoga poses in your room before starting your day.

It’s also essential to practice good eating habits. Eating well while traveling for business is easier said than done, but if you come prepared with healthy snacks and the mindset of making good decisions, you may find that it’s not as hard as you thought. Healthy choices will make you feel better both physically and mentally.

Use corporate travel services companies to plan business travel.

These companies have dedicated teams of corporate travel agents and can help business travelers with everything they need when embarking on a trip; including reservations for flights, hotels, and (yes!) ground transportation and rental cars. Not only that, they can assist you with additional corporate travel services such as:

  • Getting the lowest corporate rates and rewards for flights, hotels, rental cars and more
  • Account, spending and expense management
  • Corporate event planning and registration
  • Around-the-clock emergency travel assistance
  • Business travel communication tools
  • Passports, visas, TSA Pre-check and international travel warnings
  • Individualized business traveler training
  • Developing, enforcing and improving your company’s expense policy

Use an online travel planning system. Depending on your company’s individual needs, corporate travel management companies also provide direct online booking services for travelers, which can save you money by keeping travel spending within the guidelines of your travel and expense policy. This can take away a lot of the stress employees may feel about booking business travel and help them make decisions that are in the best interest of your organization.

With the help of a business travel agency, making business travel cost-effective and low-stress can help you boost employee satisfaction and make corporate travel a snap.