GTI Corporate Travel Management Solutions Help Businesses Become Efficient

Corporate Travel Management SolutionsOften, business travel can add up to one of the largest items in an organization’s budget. That is why it is important to streamline your travel operations with GTI Corporate Travel Management Solutions.  Using our Business travel solutions saves our clients an average of 10-15%.  The cost savings starts with our Travel Spend Management programs which combine change management techniques with concise, up-to-date communications which:

  • Use advanced technology.
  • Persuade business travelers to make best choices.
  • Consolidate travel suppliers and make national purchasing arrangements.
  • Implement and support a travel tracking policy.
  • Begins monthly value reports and quarterly reviews of expenses.

In addition, our experienced travel management advisor will work with you to decide how to develop a travel policy with fully meets your corporate needs.  We customize your travel policy by reviewing previous policies, listening to your concerns, collecting and consolidating data, and visiting locations as needed for assessment. After analyzing the data, we will create a 3/6/9 month customized operation plan to maximize savings while meeting needs better than before.

Customized Travel Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Your business is unique and GTI knows you need unique cost saving travel solutions. Business Travel ranks us as a leader in the travel industry because we don’t have cookie cutter solutions. Your account manager will help you develop an accounting plan that works for you, and will help you in implementing and monitoring the program for effectiveness.  Account managers can also:

  • Train your staff.
  • Analyze travel spending.
  • Negotiate contracts with airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies.
  • Make suggestions for improvements to help you meet goals.

In addition, our designated agent teams can help you develop trusting relationships with experienced travel counselors you can reach 24/7. Our analysis and report teams can help you with managing your corporate travel costs by conducting assessment and planning of your corporate travel expenses.  We also offer constant monitoring of travel and VIP service for all clients.  No matter where your business travelers go, we will make sure they get there and safely back.

Why trust us for your corporate travel management?  GTI has almost 50 years of experience and over 4000 locations in 140 countries to serve your needs wherever your business needs to go.  Even more importantly, our travel management solutions are continually changing to meet your needs and the evolving travel environment.  We use:

  • The latest technological tools.
  • The best management programs and approaches.
  • Our experience in assessing the needs of our clients.
  • Our extensive global resources that help us negotiate priority status, best prices, and expedited service.

With GTI you will get corporate travel and expense management solutions to help you analyze your current programs and devise superior policies. Moreover, Account Management will effectively analyze costs, track spending and help negotiate better contracts. Whatever travel management problems you have, we can provide a customized solution for you.

Contact GTI Travel to help your business grow and thrive using our corporate travel management solutions.