Experts agree: Staying healthy on a business trip Increases Productivity. Here are some pointers.

Experts agree: Staying healthy on a business trip Increases Productivity. Here are some pointers.Business travel has an impact on health – and it’s not a positive one. It’s difficult not to develop bad habits while traveling for work. Unfortunately, the consequences of letting things go while your away can be dire, from short-term insomnia to obesity and high blood pressure following a regime of increased smoking and alcohol consumption.

Fortunately, most business travelers are aware of the toll their travels take on their health. With a little forethought and the help of their corporate travel consultant, they can prevent these situations accordingly, eating more healthful foods, sticking to fitness routines, sticking to daily routines, and avoiding common sources of stress. In fact, trends toward health-minded decisions on the rise compared to just a few years back. Here’s how to maximize available opportunities.

7 Tips for Staying Healthy During Business Travel

  1. Plan ahead.
    Business travel planners know preparation is key to a productive trip.  Planning as much in advance as possible, from clothing and dining to daily schedule, helps minimize stressful decision-making tasks. Bringing a print out of necessary tasks or itineraries, and organizing as much in advance as possible ensures brainpower is saved for essential business trip tasks.
  2. Banish buffets.
    The endless treats at buffets can make it highly tempting to over-indulge. To avoid falling prey to baser instincts, avoid the buffet for lunch and dinner, seeking out hotels that only offer this option at breakfast.
  3. Keep it cool.
    Opt for a hotel with a fridge whenever possible. This is among the best business travel solutions for facilitating healthier food choices. In a hotel fridge, healthy options are more easily stored, such as yogurt, protein shakes, and pre-cut fresh fruit and veggies. These make a more mindful alternative to fat, sugar, and sodium-heavy take-out and snacking options.
  4. Save it for later.
    Start the day with a light, protein-packed breakfast and lunch, sipping water regularly. This will allow plenty of calorie leeway for a relaxing and enjoyable dinner without the guilt of a 4,000 calorie day.
  5. Start and end the day right.
    Though trips to a strange location can be mentally taxing, this new environment is also a tremendous opportunity to make creative and inspired decisions and brainstorm new ideas. To that end, avoid mundane tasks like firing off emails or drudging through social media, as these mentally draining tasks can rob you of inspiration. Instead, spend free or lax time visualizing upcoming goals, reading an inspiring book, or engaging in a guided meditation.
  6. Don’t neglect exercise.
    To stay on your routine and improve sleep, don’t abandon your exercise regimen. Stay healthy by choosing a hotel with a decent gym or nearby fitness classes.
  7. Jump on the “bleisure” bandwagon.
    Work a little leisure into your business trip, scheduling a day before or after the trip to soak in local offerings.

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