This is how frequent Business Travel affect the Travelers’ health

Do certain segments of your employees travel extensively? These individuals, often the face of your company, may be at increased risk of a host of physical, behavioral, and mental health issues.

Medical Claims Reveal a High Concentration of these Health Issues in Frequent Travelers

Business travel planners frequently book plans for those away from their families tending to clients and customers, suppliers, and business conferences. However, those away 14 nights or more per month, the definition used in a World Bank study on extensive travel, reveal high concentrations of the following health issues.

  • DepressionThis is how frequent Business Travel affect the Travelers' health
  • Anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • Sleep Issues
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol Dependence
  • Poor Self-Rating of Health

The study results were interpreted as being the result of chronic stress and wear and tear subsequent to frequent business travel.

Can these Issues be Circumnavigated?

An essential component of business activity, corporate travel management solutions companies booked 500 million + business trips in 2016, contributing $547 billion to U.S. GDP. However, the potential health costs resulting from such extensive and frequent travel are beginning to register on the radar. Higher medical claims, lackluster productivity and performance, increased turnover and absenteeism, and short-term disability are taking a toll, prompting the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) to devote time to panel discussions on the implications of business travel and health. A shared responsibility of both the employee and employer, the best corporate travel companies know supporting a culture of health plays an integral role in preventing the potential pitfalls of frequent traveling.

Tips for Helping Employees Maintain Physical, Mental & Behavioral Health While Traveling:

  • Educate
    Help traveling employees to be prepared by providing education programs surrounding:

    • Healthy eating on the go.
      Including essential information on the high-calorie, saturated and total fat counts of restaurant foods compared to home cooked meals.
    • Essential items for healthy travel.
      Do your employees know the keys to packing for a healthy travel experience, including the items necessary for deftly dealing with illnesses and travel related health symptoms than can pop-up on the go?
  • Encourage Tracking & Accountability
    Help employees prevent the formation of bad health and behavioral habits, which repeated over the long run, can have a negative impact on health, encouraging positive health choices by providing reimbursement for:

    • Mobile apps.
      For tracking dietary intake.
    • Subscriptions.
      To services providing workout routines for those working with a limited space environment, such as hotel rooms.
    • National gym memberships.
      Book only accommodations that have gyms, or reimburse employees for memberships to national gym chains to encourage the physical activity necessary to thwart weight gain and symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Help Employees Better Manage Stress
    Proactively providing access to training on mindfulness-based stress reduction programs, which are low-cost, short and simple to implement, and highly-effective for treating anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and curbing unhealthy dietary habits.

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