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Planning a Group Business Travel Event? Timing is Everything

Excited about organizing an upcoming business travel event? Business events require a lot of planning. How long before your event should you start planning? Planning should begin at least 18 months before you arrive on-site for your group event. 18 Months Before Your Event Eighteen months prior, you should develop

Advantages of Using a Business Travel Agency to get the Best Deals

Think the benefits of corporate travel services are limited to only large companies? Think again. Despite the availability of online bookings for business travel, travel agents still book the bulk of travel services. Why are they in such high demand? Using a business travel agency offers a wealth of benefits

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Business

On busy business trips, health often takes a backseat to convenience. Over time, this can take a serious toll on the health of traveling employees physically and mentally, affecting home and work life. With just a little extra effort, however, it is possible to stay well. What small changes

The Top Summer Business Travel Destinations

Turn your business trip into a working vacation at these top business travel destinations. The best corporate travel companies will be happy to suggest a list of sightseeing opportunities. Are You Traveling to One of These Top Business Travel Destinations? Top U.S. Destinations: Orlando A top summer travel destination,

Tips for Securing Your Luggage on a Business Trip

Corporate travel agents understand the risk of theft is an unfortunate part of business travel. Commonplace, your luggage can be stolen or tampered with in a variety of ways. It can be grabbed in an airport or hotel lobby, stolen during transit by taxi, and even tampered with by

Packing Light for Your Next Business Trip – The Essentials

The best business travel agencies know, learning how to pack lightly for trips is an essential business skill, making travel easier and theft less likely. When packing for business trip, how can you fit a week’s worth of items into a single, handy carry-on container? Tips for Packing Light

Traveling Internationally for Business? Things to Keep in Mind

Traveling internationally is an entirely different ballgame than continental travel. From prep to safety, there are many things to keep in mind to ensure a secure and successful trip. Before traveling abroad, make sure you have all your bases covered with these helpful tips from the business travel

Risk in Travel: Is Your Company Even Considering These?

Are you overlooking travel risks intimately linked not only to today’s polarized social and political climate, but environmental issues such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters as well? Trends show, while travelers frequenting business travel services worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of travel dangers, business owners and

Do You Need Travel Vaccinations? A Guide.

Think being up-to-date on routine vaccinations means you’re a go for travel? If you’re visiting a foreign country, you may be in for a nasty surprise. Seasoned global event travel agencies know those traveling abroad can be exposed to illnesses rarely encountered in the U.S. Luckily, it is not

Boeing 737 Max Jet Grounding by FAA – How it Impacts your Business Travelers

As investigations continue into the second fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in just 5 months, a number of these aircraft have been grounded globally. Until the investigation is complete, it remains unknown how long these planes will remain out of commission. This has left corporate travel agents scrambling