How can Travel Consultants help Small Businesses Save Money?

Travel agents save money for small businessesDo you feel that your small business can’t afford business travel management consulting? In reality, small businesses really can’t afford to not have help from professionals to arrange and manage business travel. Here’s why your small or medium sized business will save money by using business travel management:

Professionally Designed Travel Policies Lower Costs

You might think that making your own travel arrangements is the cheapest. Perhaps your travelers search the Internet for their own deals. However, employees spend a lot of time making travel arrangements and they often are making choices blindly, not knowing if they really got the best possible itinerary or the best possible hotel location. In fact, studies show that small businesses spend more on travel than larger ones. Here is how GTI business travel management can lower your business travel costs::

  • Travel management can streamline your travel policy practices.
  • Good travel policies lower overall costs of business travel.
  • GTI’s network of contacts with airlines and hotels gives you lower rates for better accommodations.

Business Travel Consultants Keep Travel Budgets On Track

Another cost savings of using management travel assistance is that you can track business travel costs better. With professional consulting about your travel, you will be able to:

  • Prioritize business travel and decide when and where to cut costs.
  • Keep your business travelers compliant with travel expense budgets.
  • Track your business travel expenses and do a cost analysis.

The long and short of it is that travel management services save you money because you will have a better corporate policy to guide choices and a way to keep your employees to follow the policies.

Save Money By Keeping Travelers Safe

Nothing can cost more money and anguish to your company than a business traveler who encounters theft, a medical emergency, or an unsafe situation. When your business arranges all of the travel, you also take on all the responsibility for arranging for help in any emergency and covering the costs of any change of plans. Hiring business travel planners can save you not only money but also time and anxiety because:

  • All flights and land transportation will be arranged by local experts who know the best and safest routes.
  • Hotel arrangments will be made with safety and security in mind.
  • Medical emergency help is available to the traveler 24/7 by phone or internet.
  • Problems such as lost luggage, delayed flights, stolen items or any other difficulty can be handled by local contacts of the business travel agency.

GTI Travel Ensures Your Business Traveler’s Shine

Finally, corporate travel consultants provide a better overall experience for your business travelers. With GTI, your travelers won’t have to worry about anything but what to pack in their suitcase, and how to prepare for their meeting or presentation. By keeping your business travelers safe and secure, they can do their work of growing your business effectively and productively. Now, that is a cost saving you can’t ignore!