Is Your Company’s Travel Program Ready for 2020? Let’s Review.

Is Your Company's Travel Program Ready for 2020? Let's Review.As consumer needs and technology evolves, so too does the business travel industry. What trends are expected to have an impact on business travel in the year ahead? The corporate travel planning pros at GTI Travel predict these industry shifts based on current business travel statistics and data in the coming year.

Upcoming Business Travel Trends for 2020

  1. Businesses are experiencing an upsurge in female business travelers.

Each year, more and more women are traveling for business. To date, women make up nearly half of U.S. business travelers, and this segment has different concerns than their male counterparts, particularly surrounding safety. 77% report experiencing harassment or mistreatment during their travels, making considering the unique needs of female business travelers in your travel policy a must. Does your current corporate travel policy include safety tips and emergency travel resources for women travelers? 2020 is the time to evaluate your duty of care policies to meet the changing needs of your traveling staff.

  1. Employees are becoming increasingly frustrated with companies slow to provide them access to technology that could improve the business travel experience, such as:
    • Expense reporting tools
      1 of 4 travelers would rather have a cavity filled than fill-out an expense report. Though technology exists to make this process easier and less painful, many businesses are slow on the uptake. The current model of written reports often leads to delays in reimbursement, misplaced trust, and discontentment with the business travel experience.
    • Online booking tools
      Online booking tools that streamline the travel booking process for obtaining airfare, lodging and transportation help employees feel more in control of the travel experience while maintaining your corporate travel policy requirements.
    • Travel safety technology
      Despite employer duty of care responsibilities, many travelers believe their company does not consider their safety during trips a top priority. Showcasing your commitment to employees and shielding your business against travel mishaps could be easily addressed, however, with the implementation of travel technology such as real-time alerts based on your employee’s region of travel.
  1. “Bleisure” is increasing in popularity. 

Travel that mixes both business and leisure is on the rise, with many frequent business travelers expecting to spend more than a few days enjoying their destination, including higher-quality accommodations and the time to step into the tourist role. This freedom to travel is linked to employee retention, making encouraging such trips an integral part in ensuring the continuing happiness of your traveling staff.

  1. Airline service changes are on the horizon.

Many major air carriers have announced upcoming service changes, including expansions to airline routes and increased availability of flights. Staying on top of these route changes is key to maximizing rewards and benefits from your favorite service providers.

Head into the new year with confidence. Optimize your travel program and safeguard your bottom line in 2020 with the help of business travel planning experts at GTI Travel today.