The Latest Trends in the Airline Industry: What You Need to Know

The Latest Trends in the Airline Industry | GTI TravelThings are frequently changing and evolving in the world of corporate travel. New challenges and trends are happening in every sector of business, but due to its competitive nature the airline industry changes at a particularly rapid pace. The latest trends in the airline industry have their plusses and minuses as they always do, so it’s a good idea to get a leg up on what’s happening on the ground and in the air.

Weighing Passengers

Finnair has just started a new program where it weighs not only luggage, but passengers before takeoff. The airline is weighing passengers to get a more accurate picture of the average traveler that flies with Finnair. Because the weight of the aircraft impacts things like fuel level, speed and balance, more relevant data may help Finnair plan its flights more efficiently. The program is voluntary and will continue into 2018. If you are concerned about the hoops you may have to jump through when traveling for business, a top corporate travel agency that provides global travel services should have access to extensive information on both domestic and international airlines and flights that can help you make flight choices that fit your schedule budget, and comfort level.

Better Customer Care and Service

It’s nothing new, but one of the top consumer concerns when it comes to flying is top-notch customer service. Airlines are not only investing in customer service and kicking it up a notch; they’re also getting more creative with how they deliver it. More and more airlines are offering web-based customer service and raising their standards for quality customer care. Using a business travel agency that provides comprehensive travel services can help you avoid the hassle of contacting the airline altogether if you need to make a reservation or change a flight at the last minute. Your company’s corporate travel agency will also give employees to forge relationships with dedicated agents who are available 24/7. These agents understand individual travelers’ needs and can quickly provide the service they require.


Airlines are constantly improving mobile apps that allow customers to check flight times and delays, check in and buy tickets. Although more airlines are offering ticket sales through apps, many corporate travelers still prefer to use an experienced business travel management company that offers convenient global online access to the best deals, flight times, upgrades and amenities.

These are just a few of the current trends that are happening in the airline industry. Airlines must innovate and provide incentives to attract customers and stay competitive, so look for even more new trends in the coming years. While airlines are trying to make it easier to fly, booking airline travel can be frustrating and time consuming, especially if you’re flying last minute or facing a complicated itinerary. Seeking the assistance of corporate travel agents who provide global travel services not only saves you time and money, it can help you cut down on stress and make flying for business travel less of a hassle.