Why many Executives like to Book their own Travel

Why many Executives like to Book their own TravelInstead of using a travel agency for business travel, studies show about half of today’s travelers are making their own travel arrangements. Why are executives going through the headache of booking their own flight tickets, transportation, and hotel reservations?

Reasons Employees Make Their Own Travel Arrangements:

  • Convenience
    People prefer convenience. Today’s business travelers are used to having everything immediately at their fingertips, looking to the accessibility and freedom of smartphones and mobile devices to plan and book their travel arrangements outside the typical company travel tools and operating hours.
  • Cost Difference
    Significant differences in price may have employees looking elsewhere… Particularly those extending business travel to spend time in touristy destinations on their own vacation dime.
  • Better Options
    If employees can arrange a shorter flight, nicer hotel or more luxurious car when making arrangements for themselves, why rely on bargain basement, unproven options selected by a fellow employee who will not be attending the trip, but who has been tasked to find the most budget-friendly arrangements?
  • Reward Points
    Many make their own arrangements to rack up reward points for later use, searching for prime fares and staying in unusual places to make the most of rewards systems.

A Corporate Travel Policy Can Make Life Easier for Employees

Do your employees frequently make their own travel arrangements rather than rely on corporate business travel management services? A streamlined travel policy with both the interests of your company and employees at heart offers many benefits…

  • Saving Time
    Instead of employees devoting hours of business and personal time to researching and booking travel services or scrambling to handle changing itineraries, enlisting the experienced help of a corporate travel service can quickly cater to any customer need.
  • Controlling Costs
    With a clearly understood travel policy, you can ensure employees spend on accommodations and dining commiserate with your business guidelines. This includes not only preventing employees from overspending, but safeguarding employees concerned about reimbursement from underspending and suffering a miserable trip, which can contribute to a lack of willingness to comply with future travel needs. What’s more, with a travel management company on your side, you’ll enjoy the benefits of global buying power via a network of trusted connections and suppliers.
  • Boosting Employee Satisfaction
    When backed up by a well-thought-out travel policy, employees will have the information and knowledge to handle canceled flights, changed itineraries, issues with lodging, illness, and more, with the experience of a corporate travel management company on their side to help them quickly navigate unknown situations.
  • Increasing Safety
    Top corporate travel companies know the importance of safety, keeping up with the location of employees at all times. They help business ensure duty-of-care compliance, with plans in place for emergencies, natural disasters, crime or terrorist attack, particularly for those traveling to remote areas of the world or high risk locales.

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