Small Business Owners – Here are some Travel TIPS & HACKS for a low budget trip!

Small Business Owners - Here are some Travel TIPS & HACKS for a low budget trip!Business travel can take a big bite out of your bottom line, and for small businesses, that bite can feel large and exceedingly painful. Is there any way to stretch your travel budget? The small business travel management professionals at GTI Travel have the tips and tricks you need to get the best bang for your travel buck.

10 Travel Tips & Hacks for a Low Budget Trip

  1. Don’t assume business and economy plus seats are out of budget.
    Searching for coach class seating when you’re on a budget makes sense, but during the holidays when business travel drops, the price of business and economy class seating will as well.
  2. Search one-way fares, then combine them.
    While round-trip purchases may be easiest to book, they’re not always the best deal, or the most convenient. Purchasing two one-ways and mixing and matching carriers and routes may offer you more flexibility and a better price.
  3. Look to on-time arrival records.
    The best business travel agencies know airlines with a low flight cancellation and rate high on-time arrivals helps you avoid the unexpected expense and stress of missing connections.
  4. Travel on holiday.
    No one wants to fly on Thanksgiving or Christmas day. Traveling on big holidays ensures both flight deals and ample space.
  5. Sign up for rewards programs.
    Even if you don’t plan on future travel, travel services pros always recommend signing up for reward programs, such as frequent flyer miles. Doing this offers you opportunities in the event of a mishap or request, representing opportunities for future business.
  6. Weigh luggage.
    The cost of overweight luggage is beyond excessive. An inexpensive digital baggage scale can save you a ton of dough, allowing for the weighing of items before each trip segment.
  7. Carry on.
    Instead of checking luggage, carry on instead. This not only saves money but saves time and hassle at the luggage carousel – or worse: Lost luggage. With the right luggage and compression bags, it’s easier than you think.
  8. Share your problems.
    Tweeting travel issues, such as a bump or missed connection, is now faster or easier than standing in the customer service line next to tired parents with screaming children. Most major carriers employ customer service reps that monitor these services, making it faster and easier to get help in such situations.
  9. Avoid touristy locales when dining.
    Eating in any city that is near a major tourist attraction almost always ensures inflated prices and low-quality food and service. Local hot spots (and even food trucks) often offer far better food at lower prices.
  10. Eat out for lunch, dine-in for dinner.
    Enjoying the complimentary hotel breakfast, eating out for lunch, and dining in at your in-room kitchenette for dinner can be a great way to stretch your dining dollars.

Don’t let business travel expenses bite you. Ensure sweet success, protecting your budget. Secure the best airfare and lodging prices with the help of the business travel planning pros at GTI Travel today.