The Top Ten Conference Destinations in the USA

Getting ready to plan a conference for your corporation? Corporate travel managers can help you manage your event. Here are the top ten conference destinations in the USA to consider:

1. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is fast becoming a favorite new recommendation of business events planners because of luxury hotels located on a beautiful Riverwalk where attendees can eat excellent food and easily walk to the convention center.

2. San Diego, California

With beautiful beaches, a lovely old downtown, and nearby attractions like Sea World and world-class zoos, San Diego is a prime choice for conferences, especially if spouses and families travel too.

3. New York, New York

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Nothing compares to New York’s size and availability of transport. With 594 hotels and three airports along with plenty of rail transit, New York can be a good choice for a big conference. Although it is expensive, the availability of space is high.

4. Orlando, Florida

A favorite destination for many because of the proximity of Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and Gulf Coast beaches. Orlando has good temperatures year round but can be crowded with tourists. Before you choose a date, be sure to consult with an experienced corporate travel consultant.

5. Portland, Oregon

For a quieter, less expensive West Coast location, consider Portland which has an interesting culture and is surrounded by natural beauty. Adding flavor to the many interesting places to shop, fantastic restaurants, and the country’s largest used bookstore, is the fact that all purchases are sales-tax free.

6. Tucson, Arizona

Offering a desert setting with a scenic backdrop of mountains, Tucson is an affordable conference location. Ranking among the least expensive cities for hotels and meals, Tucson does have some resorts, hiking, and historic sites, but also offers a place where conference attendees can stick to business.

7. Los Angeles, California

With the highest concentration of dining and entertainment establishments in the U.S., Los Angeles offers glamor and attractions that are hard to beat. Since the city center is 20 miles from the airport, you will want to make sure that you consult your travel agency for efficient transportation services.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

With three of the largest convention centers in the U.S., this city offers plenty of trade show, meeting and event space. Imagine how you can dazzle your attendees with an evening event or show. Pick this city if fun is your main objective.

9. Columbus, Ohio

This middle of the country city is a good choice for conferences that have attendees from both coasts. Although not as well-known of a conference site, the Ohio State football games draw over 100,000 fans and so hotel facilities are well-developed and plentiful outside of football season.

10. Chicago, Illinois

If art and architecture are important to your convention goers than Chicago is a good choice. Lots of outdoor venues, interesting culture, and many transportation options are highlights of this city.

Taking care of all the details of arrangements is a difficult undertaking. GTI’s Corporate event travel experts can help you make all of the conference arrangements no matter what size of a meeting you are planning.