What do Female Business Travelers do Differently from their Male Counterparts

What do Female Business Travelers do Differently from their Male Counterparts

While not everyone fits into a stereotype, and no one practice is better than another, it is important for travel managers to know that female business travelers do things somewhat differently than their male counterparts. Here are some of the differences in travel habits that tour operators and researchers have uncovered:

Women Pack Sooner and Bring More Stuff

What do female business travelers do differently

Typically, a female business traveler will care a lot more about what they bring on their trips than men in the same office. Statistics from hotel research show women:

  • Care more about what they pack.
  • Plan their outfits ahead of time.
  • Pack twice as much as men.
  • Get their suitcases packed more than 24 hours ahead.

What this means for a company travel manager is that they can eliminate stress from their female business travelers by making sure they know their travel arrangements as far ahead as possible so they can pack accordingly and feel prepared.

Female Business Travelers Care More About Safety

When traveling alone on a business trip, women are much more concerned about the hotel that they are staying at and other travel arrangements. Since a business is responsible for the safety of their business travelers, using a travel management company to arrange travel can be an additional level of security for female travelers because:

  • Someone is available to call 24/7 in emergencies.
  • The management company will handle re-routing travel in case of interruptions and delays so the traveler or company doesn’t have to worry.
  • Hotels, flights, and other transportation will be arranged with highly-rated services that have been vetted by in-country travel agents.
  • Secure transportation arrangements can be made for in-city travel to business meetings.

Female Business Travelers May Spend More

A survey by International Currency Exchange (ICE) found that women tend to spend more money while traveling. While some of this spending may be personal money used for shopping, a company might want to make sure that business travel expense policies are clear so that all travelers know what is expected of them. Travel management by GTI can help a company manage business expenses and track ways to make more effective use of business expense money.

Female Business Travelers Feel Under-Prepared

According to the Women in Business Travel Report, one third of women encounter sexual harassment while traveling and over two-thirds of women feel unprepared to deal with what they encounter. Corporate travel management can help address these needs by:

  • Making sure travel policies prepare all travelers for the possibility of crime while traveling.
  • Ensuring suppliers for travel pay particular attention to the needs of female travelers.
  • Providing live, personal assistance to travelers worldwide day and night by phone or email.

Assisting Female Business Travelers is Important

Business travel by women is increasing. According to a survey by Maiden-Voyage, 47% of female travelers are traveling on business and 80% of travel is managed by women. In a risk-filled world, corporations need to be mindful of caring for the needs of all their employees. Choosing GTI Corporate Travel agency to manage your corporate travel is a wise choice to make sure that female business travelers get safely to their destinations and safely home.