Why Use a Travel Agent for Corporate Travel?

With travel websites so easily available, does it still make sense to use a travel agent for corporate travel plans? Absolutely, because time is money and just getting there doesn’t mean your money is well spent. Business travel agency consultants work to help their customers have the best possible travel experiences. Here are some things you need to know about travel agents:

Travel Agents Don’t Cost You More

Perhaps the biggest misconception about using a corporate travel consultant is that it will cost your business more for travel. The reverse is true. When your company tries to use self-planned travel, you waste money. A recent interview with an industry veteran in The Atlantic points out that more businesses have gone back to using corporate travel agents because:

  • Travel Agents have access to better deals than can be found online by individuals.
  • Your employees waste a lot of time making travel plans.
  • Needing to change itineraries can cost you a lot of money.
  • Not knowing the fine print of travel details can be very expensive.

Travel Agents Have Your Back

Business Travel AgencySometimes people are afraid that a travel agent will be pushy. As a matter of fact, your interest is all that a travel agency cares about. They know happy clients are the customers that give them referrals and more business, so their total concern is making sure you are taken care of on your trip. Here is what corporate travel agency consultants can do for you:

  • Get you a better itinerary than you can find yourself.
  • Get extra amenities, better rooms or an upgrade that is only offered to agents.
  • Be available for your business travelers in an emergency or to answer questions.
  • Make sure your business travelers stay safe.

Travel Agents Offer Priceless Advice

With a global network of consultants available 24/7, GTI travel consultants are able to understand the ins and outs of any business travel situation. Ever thought about what you would do if one of your travelers had an emergency? With a travel agent, you and your traveler have peace of mind. Your business traveler will have someone they can call who knows how to help in any situation, big and small:

  • Tickets, restaurant advice, or rebooking a flight.
  • Help with a personal problem or lost luggage.
  • Assistance with a medical or dental issue.

Travel Agents Help You Manage Business Travel

One of the most important ways that a small business can save money while having better business travel experiences for their employees is to have business travel agency management. assistance. Management assistance can make sure you:

  • Have effective and streamlined business travel policies in place.
  • Use best practices in planning and executing business travel.
  • Keep track of your business travel expenses effectively.
  • Train your employees in compliance with policies.
  • Track compliance and cost savings.

Who Wouldn’t Use a Travel Agent?

Considering all of the benefits to your small or large business to using a travel management company, the question isn’t whether you should use a travel agent, but why you wouldn’t!