Airline Hotel and Car Vendor Negotiations

Airline Hotel and Car Rental Negotiations– As a result of our global presence and our relationship with key suppliers, GTI’s discount program for corporations is capable of providing significant savings to your bottom-line. GTI specialists manage these supplier relationships, ensuring quality and ability to react to an ever-changing travel market.

Airline negotiations

We will personalize a negotiating strategy based on your spend. We will:

  • Determine frequency, schedules, and fares of the carriers that best serve your top 50 city pairs.
  • Highlight those city pairs where market share could be moved away from non-preferred airlines to those which best serve the client.
  • Create city profiles for the most frequent destinations to emphasize the key carriers’ best fares and routes.
  • Use agents to reinforce the savings potential with the travelers on each call.
  • Increase savings through higher utilization of contract preferred carriers in specific markets.
  • Utilize consolidators in non preferred markets to maximize savings.

After reviewing the analysis, you will be able to make an informed decision with confidence. By accepting a newly negotiated corporate discount, your travelers will be able to maximize savings for your company as well as optimize relationships with the airlines your travelers fly most frequently.

Airline Hotel and Car Rental Negotiations

How can a client consolidate hotel usage through the corporation in order to reduce costs and provide traveler amenities? GTI Travel will:

  • Analyze the company’s hotel usage in top cities by reviewing hotel stay history and identifying clusters of activity.
  • Develop a strategy for negotiating with select hotels by merging the client’s usage data and the agency’s knowledge.
  • Create a proprietary annual hotel directory for travelers on the travel portal so that they use the hotels participating in the program.
  • Monitor traveler feedback and changes in travel pattern in order to update the program accordingly.

We find that the savings the first year is normally doubled the following year. The corporate traveler takes a key role in the process, which gives them reason to utilize the preferred hotels. Using these hotels increases savings, which continue to grow each year.