Stay Fit When You are Traveling with These Quick Workouts

Stay Fit When You are Traveling with These Quick WorkoutsMaintaining a regular workout schedule while away for business travel can be tough, even for the disciplined. However, with a little forethought, you can maintain your fitness level, even if the hotel you’ve booked doesn’t have a gym.

No Space? Hotfoot It

If you have minimal time or no space, exploring the local area on foot can offer opportunities for both exercise and sightseeing. If you prefer more of a workout, pack your running shoes, and explore while taking a jog. If you’re not the running type, a brisk walk is also a great form of exercise. Walk through town in your off time, seeing the sights or scheduling an off-the-clock adventure with the help of your business travel planner. If you’re short on time, don’t fret. You can always walk to your destination rather than take the subway or a taxi. If it’s too far, park farther away and walk a few blocks. There are many opportunities to squeeze in your daily exercise routine with a little preplanning and a positive mindset.

Stay Motivated with Online Videos

The best corporate travel companies know Wi-Fi is a must, and you can take advantage of this service at your hotel to stay fit, streaming workout videos. All it takes is a little bit of space and a personal device, and you’ll be on your way to a great workout. This option is excellent for those who are struggling to find the motivation to exercise and who need help to push through, as you’ll be doing less thinking and more moving. New to this genre? There are many free options, from YouTube to Fitness Blender, as well as low-cost subscriptions.

No Equipment? Weight-Free Bodyweight Workout

If you have a small amount of floor space in your room, you can exercise all your major muscle groups with 3 rounds (12 reps) of the following activities:

  • Plank
    • Step it up: Plank jacks
  • Bridge
    • Step it up: 1-leg bridge
  • Squats
    • Step it up: Jump squats
  • Pushups
    • Step it up: 1-leg pushups
  • Crunches
    • Step it up: Star crunches
  • Backward lunge
    • Step it up: Jumping lunges

Squeeze it in with a Short, High-Intensity Workout

If you’re a consistent business traveler and short on time, a high-intensity interval training workout may be just what you’re looking for. Fast and hard, HIIT workouts require you to exert 80% of your maximum effort, which yields a higher caloric burn. Simple exercises, with a focus on endurance, are better here. Skip the advanced maneuvers above, as you’ll burn out just the same. Push yourself for 20 or 30 seconds, alternating with a matching rest interval. Keep your workout in the 4-15 minute range, but do not go beyond to avoid injury.

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Travel hacks to save you a lot of MONEY, What no one talks about!

Travel hacks to save you a lot of MONEY, What no one talks about!Traveling for business or pleasure can be a great way to get away from your everyday routine. But maintaining a budget while you’re away can be stressful. How can you keep costs under control while still enjoying the travel experience? The business travel planning pros at GTI Travel have a few tips to help you stretch your travel dollars.

Money-Saving Travel Hacks No One Else Talks About

  • Carry a water bottle.
    Tired of watching as TSA security chucks your water bottle, forcing you to purchase another at a massively inflated cost? Carry a reusable water bottle (or empty your current disposable one), refilling it on the other side of the lines (and throughout your trip) to avoid the exorbitant expense. If you drink a lot of water, refilling it multiple times over your trip can save a pretty penny. It also reduces plastic waste, helping the environment.
  • Bring a stash of snacks.
    Eating on-the-fly is a major expense. Packing a stash of snacks can help you cut down on snack expenditures, reducing the need to buy meals.
  • Traveling abroad? Avoid currency exchange centers in favor of ATMs.
    Global travel services providers know, while currency exchange centers may seem convenient, it can cost a pretty penny to convert cash. ATMs, however, can achieve the same result for smaller fees. For additional savings, opening an account with a bank that doesn’t charge international fees is also advisable.
  • S.O.A. (Shop on arrival).
    When you arrive at your destination, go on a grocery run, picking up drinks and snacks, breakfast fare, and the ingredients for a couple of easy meals if you have access to an in-room kitchenette.
  • Eat local.
    Avoid fast food and chains, opting instead for local and street food. Every city has cheap, delicious, filling food for on-the-go locals.
  • Avoid touristy areas.
    Practice ‘the 5-block rule’ staying away from businesses within 5-blocks of the most touristy areas of the city you are visiting. Walking another 5-6 blocks will net you better food for at least half the price.
  • Look for free things to do.
    There are tons of free things to do in every city, from parks to DIY tours and foodie adventures. A bit of research in advance of your travel event can pay off in entertainment and savings.
  • Research fares in advance.
    Taxi fares can vary significantly by region. To avoid getting ripped-off, a bit of pre-flight planning is strongly advised. This has become less of an issue since Uber and Lyft have entered the scene but it does still occur in cities where taxis remain the main mode of transport.
  • Call your cell phone provider prior to departure.
    For those traveling internationally, cell phone service (including texting) can get quite expensive. However, if you contact your provider before leaving, they can switch your service to international use, reducing costs.

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The Top Summer Business Travel Destinations

Turn your business trip into a working vacation at these top business travel destinations. The best corporate travel companies will be happy to suggest a list of sightseeing opportunities.

Are You Traveling to One of These Top Business Travel Destinations?

  • Top U.S. Destinations:
    • Orlando
      A top summer travel destination, Orlando is home to a number of top theme parks including the Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea World family of parks, as well as an array of water parks, and the Kennedy Space Center. If you’re headed south, be sure to ask about cost saving travel solutions such as park ticket combo deals you can use during your stay.
    • Seattle
      Love coffee? Visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. Prefer wine? Woodinville Wine Country features over 100 wineries and tasting rooms. Take in a show by the leading Pacific Northwest Ballet or enjoy the view atop the Space Needle. Wander Pike Place Market, or tour the areas most-coveted museums, including the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, Pacific Science Center.
    • Anchorage
      Pack a jacket, contact your business travel consultant, and get up-close-and-personal with nature in Anchorage, learning more about the natives at the Alaska Native Heritage Center, go on a whale and glacier-hunting day cruise, or find a moose at the city zoo or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. More adventurous? Go ‘flightseeing,’ bear watching, trek through Denali National Park or the Chugach Range, or try dog sledding.
    • Honolulu
      Don’t leave the island without visiting Hawaii’s world-renowned beaches. Learn how to surf, go snorkeling, or hike around Manoa Falls in Honolulu, Hawaii. Take-in the infamous art and architecture at Shangri La, or peruse an assortment of WWII attractions, including the Battleship Missouri Memorial and USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park.
    • Vancouver
      Vancouver is an outdoor lover’s dream, home to lush outdoor spaces like Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and VanDusen Botanical Garden, as well as Granville Island on Fall’s Creek, home to the popular Granville Island Market, an array of shops, restaurants, and theatres. For the more adventurous, there’s the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain, top winter skiing and snowboarding destination and summer entertainment zone.
  • Top Destinations Abroad:
    • London
      Big Ben. The Tower of London. Buckingham Palace. St. Paul’s Cathedral. The most difficult part of a business trip to London will be deciding what to take-in and what to miss-out on in this vibrant city.
    • Rome
      Rome is bursting with culturally significant destinations, including the Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums. Global event travel services providers will tell you this cultural mecca can’t be missed.
    • Dublin
      Stroll through Dublin Castle, Blarney Castle, Kilkenny Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, or Chester Beatty Library. Or get outdoors and take-in the sights at Wicklow Mountain National Park, the Cliffs of Moher, or Dingle Peninsula.
    • Paris
      Home to amazing cuisine, and iconic attractions such as the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, Paris has an atmosphere all its own.

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Do You Need Travel Vaccinations? A Guide.

Do You Need Travel Vaccinations? A Guide - OR - Travel Vaccinations Ensure Safety AbroadThink being up-to-date on routine vaccinations means you’re a go for travel? If you’re visiting a foreign country, you may be in for a nasty surprise. Seasoned global event travel agencies know those traveling abroad can be exposed to illnesses rarely encountered in the U.S. Luckily, it is not difficult to get the protection you need with travel vaccinations.

Travel Vaccines Are Anything But Routine

The best corporate travel companies ensure travelers in-the-know. Seasoned agents are aware those going abroad need more than routine vaccinations, which protect you from common, serious diseases. Oftentimes travel vaccines for diseases that are uncommon in the U.S. are necessary to protect you from diseases rampant in other parts of the world.

Plan for Success

Most vaccinations need to be taken ahead of time to give you full protection against disease. Talk to your healthcare professional as soon as you are aware you’re traveling abroad, at least a month before international travel. Bring your current vaccine records to each appointment. Some vaccines require multiple doses for maximum effect, or a specific period of time to elapse before your body is able to build immunity. Those not up-to-date on routine vaccines, which are also necessary prior to travel, may require a number of vaccinations over a longer time period. To protect your health, if you know you’ll be traveling abroad schedule necessary appointments quickly. Your doctor may not stock some rare travel vaccines, and additional visits to a travel clinic may be necessary.

Determining Which Travel Vaccines You Need

Corporate travel planners know necessary travel vaccinations vary depending on where you are traveling to, the activities you plan to engage in while you are away, and the state of your health. Thus, the recommended vaccinations for two people traveling to the same country may be different. In addition to ensuring you are current on all routine vaccinations, you should research disease outbreaks specific to your continent of travel. You may need any one or more of the following common travel vaccines, in addition to some which may not be listed here:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid/Paratyphoid Fever
  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Meningococcal
  • Rabies
  • Japanese Encephalitis

Required Vs. Recommended Vaccines

CDC-required vaccines must be taken for travelers to enter a country. In many circumstances, this includes the yellow fever vaccine, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes affecting the liver and kidneys that is often fatal. Only registered providers can administer this vaccine, which MUST be taken at least 10-days before travel. However, there may also be vaccines required by the country to which you are traveling. These are designed to prevent visitors from bringing illnesses into the country. Based on outbreaks, these requirements are subject to change. Recommended vaccines are those vaccines recommended by the CDC to protect your health, but not required for travel. Typhoid is a commonly recommended vaccine, which is spread by contaminated food and water and causes serious illness.

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8 Essential Passport Safety Tips

8 Essential Passport Safety TipsPassports open the door to a world of opportunities. Without one, however, the door to those opportunities could be closed in your face. If you lose this all-important document, you maymiss out on a travel event, or have great difficulty returning home. How can you keep your passport safe?

8 Essential Passport Safety Tips

Treat your passport as if it is irreplaceable, keeping it safe with the following tips:

  1. Put your passport under lock and key.
    Top business travel agencies know today’s travelers must be mindful of safety in all arenas, keeping a watchful eye out for travel scams, and properly securing valuables. When you are not out-and-about, be sure to keep your passport under lock and key. Keep in mind, however, hotel safes are not foolproof. A small portable lockbox hidden and attached to an immovable piece of hotel furniture may offer enhanced security.
  2. Keep it on you.
    When you need your passport, wear it on your body. However, don’t put it in your wallet, which could be pickpocketed. Use a wraparound money belt, wearing it beneath your clothing instead. Consider one that blocks RFID scanners to protect the information embedded on your passport’s security chip.
  3. Practice the ‘one person, one passport’ rule.
    This can result in losing multiple passports at once. The only exception: Kids. Spread their passports equally amongst adults.
  4. Bring a copy.
    Carrying a copy protects you not only from theft, but from yourself. Accidents happen, and it is not uncommon for valuables (including your passport) to get lost or misplaced on trips. Copies make it easier in the event you need passport replacement. Copy both the photo and signature pages. Keep the copy/copies separate from the original. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – divvying copies up keeps you from losing everything in the event of theft.
  5. Leave copies of your passport behind.
    Leave a copy behind at home and place a copy in your luggage. Always store these separate from the original. Proof of your passport image, signature, and number makes it far easier to obtain a replacement.
  6. Do not let anyone hold your passport.
    In some countries, hotels will ask to keep your passport as part of the area or business’ travel management Be wary of this practice, requesting they hold a copy instead.
  7. Check on your passport regularly.
    Check regularly to ensure your passport is safe – but do this in private. You never know who’s watching for opportunities to steal your passport.
  8. Know your options in the event of passport loss.
    The best business travel companies will recommend travel insurance with coverage for lost/stolen passport incidences. Some even cover emergency passport replacement costs and help you find area passport offices in the event your passport is stolen while away.


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Things that will Revolutionize Travel beyond 2020

Things that will Revolutionize Travel beyond 2020Tired of listening to complaints from employees burned out on lugging heavy baggage through the airport as they rush to make connecting flights? For those wishing for a better travel management solution, the future holds promise. Thanks to the invention of self-driving car technology, ‘autonomous travel suites’ may soon follow on the horizon. These self-driving hotel rooms could revolutionize the way we travel.

Autonomous Hotels

Customized, comfortable, and time-saving, these hotel rooms on wheels could eliminate a host of travel headaches, making business travel a lot less stressful. And consumers can’t wait to board – top travel management companies will be vying to be among the first to offer access to such cutting-edge accommodations. The brainchild of Steve Lee of Aprilli Design Studio in Toronto, this revolutionary idea was inspired by a hospitality industry design competition, winning this year’s Radical Innovation Award.

In it for the Long Haul

Lee, who viewed self-driving vehicles more as a mobile room than today’s typical car, designed the autonomous travel suites (ATS) in range of sizes to accommodate a host of traveling scenarios: Solo passengers, couples, families, and even pets. Featuring many of the elements found in a hotel room, they are bedecked with memory foam beds, work stations, small kitchens, an entertainment zone for gaming and movies, and even a toilet and sitting shower. Travelers can enjoy the view through a vehicle’s panoramic smart glass window encasements, or dim them for privacy. Drive-through, selecting start/end points, or plan stops at gyms, restaurants, and sights along the way, traveling in comfort for 6 to 10-hour journeys.

Amazing On-Suite Amenities

‘Parent suites,’ static units featuring amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and meeting rooms will be available for docking by mobile ATS units for overnight stays. Problem? Owners of ATS travel chains will offer critical on-road services including roadside vehicle maintenance, water provision, and waste removal. If vehicles are powered by electricity, service vehicles will replace batteries when juice is running low. If hydrogen-fueled, longer potential driving times between stops could be possible.

When Can You Book a Stay in these Hotel Rooms on Wheels?

The technology necessary to produce fully-autonomous vehicles is predicted to be available as soon as 2021. However, though business travel agents have customers ready to book a suite yesterday, the infrastructure necessary to support ATS units on the public road system will not be in play for at least a decade. Where will they hit the road first? East and West Coast areas where infrastructure will be integrated soonest. Cities such as Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C., where air and road-weary travelers are yearning for relief and a more comfortable, less stressful, time-efficient mode of transportation.

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Why many Executives like to Book their own Travel

Why many Executives like to Book their own TravelInstead of using a travel agency for business travel, studies show about half of today’s travelers are making their own travel arrangements. Why are executives going through the headache of booking their own flight tickets, transportation, and hotel reservations?

Reasons Employees Make Their Own Travel Arrangements:

  • Convenience
    People prefer convenience. Today’s business travelers are used to having everything immediately at their fingertips, looking to the accessibility and freedom of smartphones and mobile devices to plan and book their travel arrangements outside the typical company travel tools and operating hours.
  • Cost Difference
    Significant differences in price may have employees looking elsewhere… Particularly those extending business travel to spend time in touristy destinations on their own vacation dime.
  • Better Options
    If employees can arrange a shorter flight, nicer hotel or more luxurious car when making arrangements for themselves, why rely on bargain basement, unproven options selected by a fellow employee who will not be attending the trip, but who has been tasked to find the most budget-friendly arrangements?
  • Reward Points
    Many make their own arrangements to rack up reward points for later use, searching for prime fares and staying in unusual places to make the most of rewards systems.

A Corporate Travel Policy Can Make Life Easier for Employees

Do your employees frequently make their own travel arrangements rather than rely on corporate business travel management services? A streamlined travel policy with both the interests of your company and employees at heart offers many benefits…

  • Saving Time
    Instead of employees devoting hours of business and personal time to researching and booking travel services or scrambling to handle changing itineraries, enlisting the experienced help of a corporate travel service can quickly cater to any customer need.
  • Controlling Costs
    With a clearly understood travel policy, you can ensure employees spend on accommodations and dining commiserate with your business guidelines. This includes not only preventing employees from overspending, but safeguarding employees concerned about reimbursement from underspending and suffering a miserable trip, which can contribute to a lack of willingness to comply with future travel needs. What’s more, with a travel management company on your side, you’ll enjoy the benefits of global buying power via a network of trusted connections and suppliers.
  • Boosting Employee Satisfaction
    When backed up by a well-thought-out travel policy, employees will have the information and knowledge to handle canceled flights, changed itineraries, issues with lodging, illness, and more, with the experience of a corporate travel management company on their side to help them quickly navigate unknown situations.
  • Increasing Safety
    Top corporate travel companies know the importance of safety, keeping up with the location of employees at all times. They help business ensure duty-of-care compliance, with plans in place for emergencies, natural disasters, crime or terrorist attack, particularly for those traveling to remote areas of the world or high risk locales.

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Fraud in the Travel Industry – Things you Need to Look Out for

Travel scams are on the rise, so it is vital to do your homework when booking all aspects of business travel. Travel risk management is an essential part of ensuring that employees stay safe, happy and healthy when they’re on the road, and these tips can help make sure that any business travel arrangements you make are legit.

Types of Business Travel Scams

Fraud in the Travel Industry - Things you Need to Look Out forThree of the most common types of travel fraud are –

  1. Shady sellers offering tickets that have been purchased with stolen credit card information,
  2. Sale of nonexistent airline tickets and
  3. Fake travel websites that steal corporate travelers’ financial and personal information.

Buyers of fraudulently acquired airline tickets are often turned away at the airport and left stranded or scrambling to find a way to get to their destination. When business travelers are fooled by fake travel websites, they not only fail to receive legitimate tickets, they run the risk of their personal and financial information being stolen as well.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding a great deal–and it’s easier than you may think to be taken in by fraudulent travel websites. Working with legitimate business travel agencies that have direct relationships with airlines, hotels and other companies that provide business travel services can help you avoid losing your time, money and peace of mind on fraudulent reservations or tickets.

Beware of Mirror Sites

Online hotel booking fraud is growing, and one of the most prevalent hotel reservation scams is “mirror site” deception. These rogue sites present themselves as official booking websites of hotel and resort companies. They can be tough to identify when you’re looking for reservations because they often use the hotel name in the web address, list legitimate-looking addresses and phone numbers, and use real photos of the hotel and its logo on the website.

Seeking the services of well-established corporate travel agents who have already done due diligence on the companies they use ensures that you won’t be taken in by fake travel agencies or rogue sites. If you are booking reservations on your own, confirm that the website is secure by checking for a lock symbol in the web address and a URL starting with “https.” Call the number listed on the site and ask specific questions about the amenities the hotel offers and what’s nearby. If they can’t come up with answers right away, you may be dealing with a fraudulent site.

Always Pay with a Credit Card

Credit cards offer much more fraud protection than debit cards, cash and other payment methods. Using a debit card can give a thief access to all the money in your bank account and lead to disastrous financial consequences. Your company should have travel expense policy guidelines that outline which forms of payment to use when making corporate travel arrangements. Using a dedicated corporate travel agency that has all payment information on file can streamline the process so employees don’t have to worry about using their own methods of payment and being reimbursed later.

Knowing which types of scams are out there is half the battle–with a little research, you can avoid being taken for a ride.


How Companies can Help their Employees Combat Frequent Flier Stress

How Companies can help their Employees combat Frequent Flier Stress | GTI TravelBusiness travel seems exciting—after all, who wouldn’t want to jet-set and see the sights all over the world on the company’s dime? Although, traveling for business may appear glamorous; frequent flying and other aspects of corporate travel can have negative physical and psychological effects. There are ways to mitigate the ill effects frequent travel can have on employees, and consulting with corporate travel management companies can help your employees avoid some of these common problems that often affect frequent travelers.

A Weakened Immune System

Regardless of whether you fly first class or economy, you are breathing the same re-cirulated air for the duration of your flight. This exposes frequent travelers to many different types of germs quite often and can make them more prone to becoming ill. Studies have shown that jet lag and tiredness can even affect genes that are work in sync with the immune system. If you notice that an employee is getting sick a lot, allow him or her to hold meeting via teleconferencing if possible. A business travel agency can also help frequent business travelers explore different types of transportation such as taking a train instead of flying.

Risk of Obesity and Other Health Issues

Unfortunately, when you’re on the go and traveling for business, it can be tough to find fresh, healthy food. Airline foods contain tons of salt and sugar; and business travelers tend to consume more alcohol than those who don’t travel frequently.  The lack of opportunity for exercise while traveling can also lead to becoming out of shape, overweight or obese.  When it comes to restaurants, supermarkets and other resources for healthy eating, business travel companies have a wealth of information at their fingertips and can advise employees on where to go to find fresh, healthy food when traveling.

Mental Health Issues

The disruption of a daily routine and jet lag can affect a traveler’s mood, judgment, and concentration for days. The stress that often comes with preparing for a trip combined with jet lag can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Many corporate travelers feel overwhelmed with work and get stressed about the pitfalls that often accompany traveling, such as delayed flights, anxiety about safety, and lodging mix-ups. A company that provides business travel services can help you develop an effective travel risk management plan to help employees feel confident and secure when they’re on the road.

Frequent business travelers may feel lonely and isolated; and experience guilt about leaving their loved ones behind. Providing a confidential employee assistance program that helps travelers find mental health resources such as therapists and support groups gives employees an invaluable resource that can help them stay mentally healthy and give them peace of mind.

Provide Proactive Support

Both employers and employees can take proactive steps to improve their overall well-being and prevent business travel burnout. Create an employee wellness program that encourages and educates employees on the best ways to stay healthy on the road and at home. An experienced business travel planner can help employees find the shortest flights to their destinations and hotels that include a gym, swimming pool and exercise classes.

5 Travel Tips for Corporate Travelers

Travel Tips for Corporate Travelers | GTI TravelCorporate travel can be interesting but in today’s fast-paced world it’s essential to be prepared for anything. Packing, rushing to make a flight and being constantly on the move can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Staying organized and keeping a positive attitude can help make traveling easier, especially if you have a global travel service to help with reservations, upgrades and itinerary changes.

Here are five simple things you can do to minimize stress and maximize productivity while traveling for business:

Join Rewards Programs

Members of rewards and loyalty programs often receive early boarding and first-class upgrades on flights, hotel rooms, rental cars and other services. If you belong to a rewards or loyalty program, customer service agents are more likely to provide you with top-notch customer service. You may think these programs only cater to corporate travelers from large companies, but even if you are part of a smaller company, joining rewards programs is worth it. Maximize the benefits you get from using rewards programs by working with a company that specializes in travel management for small businesses.

Pack Light

Lugging huge bags around and worrying about lost luggage is stressful. Waiting for checked baggage when you land can also throw a wrench in your corporate travel schedule if you can’t pick it up in a timely manner. Pack light and bring only a carry-on with the essentials you need for your trip. Skipping checked baggage can also have a positive impact on your budget—saving on little things can really add up when it comes to travel and expense management solutions. You can also save time by keeping a carry-on suitcase packed with clothing, shoes, accessories and toiletries.

Keep Your Cool

Good manners matter. Although you may be annoyed about your flight being delayed or getting the wrong type of rental car, you have a much better chance at upgrades, making itinerary changes and receiving excellent service when you are polite and treat people with respect. If you find yourself in a sticky situation that you just can’t deal with, enlisting the services of a corporate travel management company can help you get the issues resolved quickly without having to directly deal with the mess.

Dress Well

You may receive better service if you look presentable and well-dressed. Wearing clothing that doubles as meeting or presentation attire is also a good idea in case your baggage goes missing or you’re running late.

Use Corporate Travel Consultants To Plan Ahead

Experienced corporate travel consultants can help cut down on stress by taking care of arrangements such as air, hotel, car rental and rail reservations. Many are available around-the-clock and will also assist you with details such as meeting and event registration, changes in flight arrangements, baggage problems and other issues that make travel a headache.

Corporate travel consultants typically have vast global networks of travel connections and the latest technology at their fingertips, and will ensure that you’re maximizing savings and using business perks and miles to their fullest.

Simply put, skilled travel counselors who understand the particulars of corporate travel services can make your corporate travel more enjoyable, stress-free, and cost effective.