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Managing cost through policy compliance

Travel Program

Concur helps to ensure spend is within the guidelines of your T&E policy and is booked with your preferred vendors. Audit rules pre-built into the solution enforce your policies and create a sense of visual guilt for your business travelers – guiding them to make travel decisions that are in the best interest of your organization, while still convenient for them. This allows your travelers to spend smart.

By delivering a positive experience for travelers, Concur online booking reinforces user behavior and increases adoption, reducing program leakage.

Enabling your travelers to make smart travel choices is key to controlling travel costs. Concur employs the most advanced fare search capabilities to deliver the lowest cost and the best possible choices for your travelers. By delivering the lowest fares and travel choices based on your corporate policy and your business travelers personal preferences, guess work is eliminated and online booking adoption increases.

Concur Online Booking

Concur makes online booking travel quick and easy, even for the least experienced users. Concur Travel’s user interface delivers a familiar consumer travel online booking experience, offering end users powerful yet easy-to-use features, all while ensuring your corporate policies are being enforced. Visual enhancements including an intuitive map-based interface for point and click air booking, grids to display fares organized by your preferences and property photographs make booking travel effortless.

Concur enables travelers to book air, rental car, hotel, and rail reservations quickly and easily. With minimal effort and an intuitive user interface, travelers can rapidly book the most complex of trips with a few clicks. Trip templates, maps, smart reminders, and integration to PDA devices are just a few examples of how Concur Travel increases employee productivity by accomplishing the travel online booking task quickly. And of course, there are also multi-language capabilities, catering to international travelers and staff.

Concur Mobile allows you to stay on top of your travel reservations via IPhone, Android or Blackberry. You can check flight status, gate information and more. You can also change any booked hotels or cars through very simple apps.

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Rearden Commerce Online Booking

With Rearden online booking, your employees will actually use the great rates we’ve spent so much time negotiating on your behalf. They will proactively be guided to preferred providers and company approved services every time they book travel. Take control of your T& E expenses. Rearden gives you and your employees a one- stop shop that’s convenient, intuitive and completely in sync with your business’ needs.

Rearden online booking is an on-demand, intelligent business assistant that leverages contextual information to help companies control costs across multiple spend categories, and create efficiencies in the workplace.

Companies need to get a handle on their travel costs. This online booking tool can help give you visibility into and control over spending. You can save money on air, car and hotel as well as all the other services your travelers use, whether it’s placing a dining reservation or setting up a conference call.

Scouring the web to book a trip can be a full-time job. But the Rearden online booking tool makes it simple to book it all. From a single site, with a single password and login, your employees can procure everything they need. With access to exclusive web content like ratings and review, and the ability to compare rates from preferred suppliers, your travelers will find that doing the right thing is suddenly the easiest thing. Plus, they’ll save time searching the best deals-which can add up to hours each week. Rearden online booking isn’t just a platform for savings, it’s the ultimate productivity tool.

Business never stands still. Neither do business people. That’s why you also have Rearden Mobile Online Booking. Whether they’re out of the country or just out of the office, your employees can instantly access their personalized travel itinerary, receive real-time travel alerts, view weather forecasts and even click to call GTI Travel for assistance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]