Medical Industry Travel

Travel for Medical Professionals

Medical Industry Travel, Medical professionals face extraordinary demands every day and our job is to lessen the stress when you travel so you can do what you have to when you arrive at your destination. As a travel management company with 40 years of experience, we know that for medical professionals, travel is often last minute and needs to fit in to a demanding and busy schedule. We need to provide the flexibility to deal with your busy schedule so your agent team will include experienced counselors that are available from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm eastern time followed by award winning 24 hour service around the world.

We know physicians don’t have time for lengthy communications to determine the best flight so we offer the best option immediately. We understand the importance of being immediately available when changes happen, especially in emergency travel. Special phone and cell numbers will be provided to give immediate access to our travel consultants.

Our expert staff also sets us apart with an average of 15 years of travel consultant experience working with medical professionals. You’ll be assigned a team of agents that have worked with physicians and medical practices for many years. They will quickly get to know you and your special needs. You will soon come to appreciate the personal attention and expertise they provide, including the constant effort to get the best travel values and to offer the best discounts on airfare, hotels cars, and car services.

For self-service travelers, our fast, easy and secure online reservations site provides the ability to book your travel anytime, anywhere, including from your Blackberry or I Phone.

For your office management, online access to reporting provides a myriad of reports that are real time and provide invaluable insight into savings tracking and policy management.

Billions of dollars in buying power enable us to negotiate excellent agreements for you. We’ll negotiate and implement travel solutions that maximize your purchasing power, securing tangible savings for your medical practice and efficiently managing the full range of travel services and travel-related costs.

We also provide meeting services including online registration using our proprietary meeting planning software! The software can be used for web registration for a variety of things such as signing up for classes, functions, meetings or activities that a group may be holding.  It’s simple to set the meeting up, send out invitations and track the user’s response. This service has many values to the organizers and the attendees.

Once you’re a client of GTI Travel you will have access to the software and can start using it for all your registration needs.