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A worldwide leader in systems integration, technology services, and business process outsourcing consolidated their global travel program seamlessly to GTI Travel Management with the implementation of 26 countries in less than three months. Through GTI Travel Management’s partner network of locations, the client’s complex needs for service delivery, policy requirements, and global reporting were communicated to—and delivered by—all GTI Travel Management locations before the client’s firm deadline, resulting in their complete satisfaction with the transition.

The Challenge: 
A global technology firm selected GTI Travel Management as their global travel management company, but needed the implementation for 26 countries completed on their specific timeframe—completed by the beginning of their fiscal year—with a seamless transfer of services to minimize impact to travelers.

The company has a diverse traveler population and a complex travel policy. During the implementation process, some of its incumbent agency locations refused to continue issuing tickets for the client. As an additional requirement, the client uses a self-booking tool in two of their key markets but almost half of their bookings required human intervention—a statistic they hoped to improve through the transition to GTI Travel Management.

The Solution: 
GTI Travel Management’s first step in ensuring a seamless transition for this client was to mutually determine the critical success factors for the implementation. A global coordinator for the entire implementation was assigned and close coordination and constant communication with regional
leads—both from GTI Travel Management and the client—helped facilitate a smooth transition for all countries.

GTI Travel Management worked closely with the incumbent agencies to ease the transition of PNRs, profiles, unused tickets, and establish processes for future reservations. GTI Travel Management provided the incumbent agencies with a full list of contact information to ensure reservation requests after the official implementation date were sent to the proper location.

GTI Travel Management created a “capabilities matrix” for each location servicing this client, providing complete documentation about every single location to vendors, the client, and GTI Travel Management personnel as appropriate to enable vendors to quickly load the client’s rates, allow the client better understanding and input on the overall servicing plan, and facilitate global coordination of the entire project. GTI Travel Management also conducted client-specific training for every location to ensure complete understanding of this client’s complex needs by all locations, regardless of ownership status.

When presented with an unexpected challenge—incumbent locations who refused to continue ticketing for the client until the established transition date—GTI Travel Management rose to the challenge and showed remarkable flexibility in accelerating the transition for those locations to ensure the travelers’ needs were met.

GTI Travel Management and the client took a “best-in-class, best-in-market” approach to technology; looking for the best-in-class technology solutions for each key market to ensure the client’s needs were met most effectively. GTI Travel Management’s robust fulfillment processes for the client’s chosen self-booking tools included customized process maps for all of the different types of this client’s transactions—from those involving ghost cards and pre-approvals to those involving full and partial refunds—to ensure maximum use of automation and efficient and accurate processing.

The Results: 
The client was extremely satisfied with the entire implementation process in all countries because of these specific results:

Met or exceeded all implementation critical success factors in all countries

Completed global implementation of 26 countries by client-determined deadline of the beginning of their fiscal year

Global data reporting active for all countries from day one of implementation

Through continued communication with global, regional, and country-level client contacts, GTI Travel Management has maintained high levels of client satisfaction

Improved self-booking tool transaction efficiency by more than 30%, helping the client achieve cost savings for these previously agent-assisted reservations

Service level targets in client’s largest market achieved or exceeded—

Quarterly average telephone service level:
92.6% of calls answered within 20 seconds

Quarterly average speed of answer:
ten seconds

Quarterly average call abandon rate:
one percent[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]