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A worldwide leader in systems integration, technology services, and business process outsourcing consolidated their global travel program with GTI Travel Management and asked for our assistance in improving their use of a third-party online booking tool in the United States. Through a combination of GTI Travel Management’s expertise, robust fulfillment processes, change management campaign, and actionable reporting; The GTI Travel Management was able to incrementally increase the client’s online booking adoption by more than 30%. The efficiency of online transactions—the percentage of transactions not requiring human intervention—increased by 34%, resulting in annualized incremental savings of more than $1.2 million USD from the client’s online booking.

The Challenge:
A global technology firm with operations in 80 countries had implemented a third-party electronic booking tool in the U.S. with another travel management company; but wasn’t achieving the savings they thought possible. Their adoption rates remained at 55%, and the percentage of transactions that required human intervention was 45%—reducing their overall cost savings potential because of higher “agent assisted” transaction fees.

One of the company’s key objectives for their travel program was to improve their online booking adoption and efficiency to better maximize the savings they could achieve through their chosen tool. Additionally, the company’s travelers were not using their nonrefundable tickets for exchange when they made travel reservations online, an additional savings opportunity for the client.

The Solution:
GTI Travel Management’s comprehensive change management plan throughout the implementation process helped immediately increase adoption rates and improve traveler awareness of the electronic booking tool. The plan also addressed the specific issues identified as causing the need for human intervention and included online training, tutorials, and weekly email to users, along with expanding access to the tool through both company-approved Internet and Intranet channels.

GTI Travel Management applied its expertise to tackle the client’s online booking issues. Through a detailed analysis of the notes placed on agent-assisted online reservations, we were able to identify the most common reasons an online booking would require human intervention; and, thus, address those specific concerns with the client’s travelers.

GTI Travel Management’s robust fulfillment processes included customized process maps for all of the different types of this client’s transactions—from those involving ghost cards and preapprovals to those involving VIP travel—to ensure maximum use of automation and efficient and accurate processing.

GTI Travel Management’s detailed reporting used technology and data to influence traveler behavior by giving the client access to actionable information to measure results, identify opportunities, and target business units and/or traveler populations for improvements.

The Results:
The client not only was able to successfully consolidate their global travel program with GTI Travel Management; but because of GTI Travel Management’s expertise was able to achieve the following improvements in electronic

Improved online booking adoption rates by more than 30%, going from 53% adoption to 85%

Increased the efficiency of online bookings—the percentage of bookings that do not require human intervention—by more than 30%, from 55% to 89%

Achieved annualized, incremental electronic booking savings of more than $1.2 million USD

Not only did GTI Travel Management achieve significant improvement while consolidating this client’s global travel program, but we also exceeded all service level goals for client-determined key performance indicators.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]