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What Matters to Business Travelers around the World: A RoomIt Survey

The GBTA Business Travel Sentiment Index, a survey conducted in partnership with RoomIt by CWT, recently revealed the sentiments of consistent business travelers across the globe. Despite the economic challenges faced in some parts of the world, the outlook of business travelers remains positive. The travel experience has the most

Stay Fit When You are Traveling with These Quick Workouts

Maintaining a regular workout schedule while away for business travel can be tough, even for the disciplined. However, with a little forethought, you can maintain your fitness level, even if the hotel you’ve booked doesn’t have a gym. No Space? Hotfoot It If you have minimal time

Consistent Business Travelers? 5 Things to Know!

It’s not uncommon for consistent business travelers to become road-weary. Spending hours on an airplane, sleeping in a strange hotel room, windowless meeting/office spaces, and cookie-cutter dining choices can get old pretty fast. However, there are ways to reinvigorate your travel experience with the help of a

Travel hacks to save you a lot of MONEY, What no one talks about!

Traveling for business or pleasure can be a great way to get away from your everyday routine. But maintaining a budget while you’re away can be stressful. How can you keep costs under control while still enjoying the travel experience? The business travel planning pros at GTI Travel have

How to fund your Travelling Expenses as a Student Athlete?

Student-athletes have a lot of hoops to jump through before contacting travel management companies. Fundraising is key to securing funds for necessary sports equipment and travel accommodations for the big event. It’s not uncommon for the burden of these costs to detract from the fun of the experience.

Typical costs for using a Business Travel Agency: Are they Worth it?

Are you on the fence over whether working with a business travel agency is worth it? Travel agents take the stress out of travel planning, minimizing time spent researching and booking, and helping business travelers uncover lodging and experiences they might not otherwise be able to find on their

7 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Travel Manager

Allowing employees to make arrangements for business travel online may seem easy. However, if travel is a significant part of operating your business, it may be costing you more than you realize. With the help of a corporate travel manager, you could eliminate a host of travel

4 Tips for Improving your Corporate Travel Program

It’s not uncommon for businesses to struggle with corporate travel program compliance. However, business travel management companies know corporate travel program policies are essential, safeguarding your employees and helping you maintain your bottom line. What if with a few tweaks, you could improve your travel program and compliance? Skeptical?

Planning a Group Business Travel Event? Timing is Everything

Excited about organizing an upcoming business travel event? Business events require a lot of planning. How long before your event should you start planning? Planning should begin at least 18 months before you arrive on-site for your group event. 18 Months Before Your Event Eighteen months prior, you should develop

Advantages of Using a Business Travel Agency to get the Best Deals

Think the benefits of corporate travel services are limited to only large companies? Think again. Despite the availability of online bookings for business travel, travel agents still book the bulk of travel services. Why are they in such high demand? Using a business travel agency offers a wealth of benefits