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Travel Expense Policy for Small Businesses: Guidelines for Smooth Implementation

Travel and Expense Policy Guidelines by GTI TravelCorporate travel can be a complex and expensive process, sometimes even more so for small businesses. Companies that have small business travel programs in place can avoid costly misunderstandings, save money and increase employee satisfaction when guidelines for travel are clearly outlined in writing. So what is the most effective way to develop and implement a travel expense policy for your small business? These simple guidelines can help you make a smooth transition and allow you to avoid some of the pitfalls that may arise during the implementation process.

Assess Your Current Policies and Procedures

Even if you already have travel policies in place, if they are not properly enforced they are probably not doing your company much good. If your employees travel for business, your company needs a travel policy that is clear and concise with simple procedures that are easy for them to understand and follow.

The task of building, improving and implementing a corporate travel policy can be complex and daunting. Seeking assistance from a corporate travel company that is well-versed in developing custom-designed travel policies for small businesses can give you new perspectives and ideas on what will work best for your company’s culture, budget and employees. A corporate travel company will assess your current system and your organization’s specific concerns and needs. They will analyze current data and advise you on how to improve or change policy, which can lead significant cost savings, efficiency and reduced stress.

How to Introduce a New Travel Policy to Employees

Although change is inevitable, many people are resistant to it, especially at work. A vital element of implementing a new travel expense policy for small business is how you present it to your employees. Building and carrying out an effective travel expense policy requires a lot of diligence, research, and communication on your part, and getting it right the first time will make it easier for everyone to adjust to adhering to new procedures, policies and guidelines.

Once your written travel expense policy is completed, disseminate it to your employees and give them some time to read it. Presenting the new policy in a positive way that makes the travel and expense process simpler will allow your employees to accept and adhere to changes more easily. If you are using a corporate travel agency to take care of all your company’s travel needs, make sure to let employees know that there are experienced designated agents to assist them with the travel planning and expense report process, which will take some of the weight of business travel off their shoulders.

Asking for feedback and ideas from employees who travel frequently can make them feel more involved in the process and lead to new ideas that may improve your corporate travel expense policies and procedures even more.

Want to learn more about building and implementing an effective travel expense policy for your small business? A corporate travel agency that understands the specific needs and issues small businesses face can provide comprehensive corporate travel management solutions that will save your company money and help make business travel smooth sailing for everyone involved.