Bleisure Travel: Have a Little Fun on your Business Trip!

Bleisure, the practice of combining business and leisure travel, is a way for corporate travelers to reap the benefits of some of the more affordable or free perks business travel provides. Mixing business with pleasure can be an exciting adventure, and if you’re in a city you’ve always wanted to visit, why not explore?

Whether you’re planning an extended stay or just taking a few days off, knowing you have some downtime after you’re done with a bunch of stressful meetings or a conference gives you something to look forward to. Since your employer most likely picked up the tab for your airfare, you’re saving some cash that can be spent on doing things you love after work is done. Bleisure can be complicated though, so it’s good to keep a few things in mind before you plan your trip.

Plan Ahead

Many organizations use business travel planning companies to take care of travel arrangements for their employees. Business travel agents will help you find the flights that fit your needs and can often get you a deep discount on accommodations, even if you’re staying after your business duties are over.

Another advantage of Bleisure is being able to use some of the perks of airline frequent flyer miles and car and hotel loyalty programs. Many people who travel frequently for business quickly accumulate these points, and you can use them for special perks like free upgrades, free hotel stays, tickets to shows and more.

If you want to bring your family or a friend who will enjoy the sights while you work, corporate travel services companies are also well-versed in the travel policies of the organizations they work with; and can advise on your company’s travel policy when it comes to combining business with personal travel. This can make it much easier to plan your trip and ensure that you’re not violating any of your employer’s rules or procedures regarding corporate travel.

Timing is Everything

If possible, schedule meetings or other work-related activities on Mondays and Fridays; that way you can plan a weekend getaway for the price of a couple of hotel nights without having to take any days off. The company that provides corporate travel services for your organization may also be able to help you secure corporate discounts for those nights as well.

If you can’t stay an extra day or two, there are plenty of ways to blend leisure time into your corporate travel.

  • Get together with family or friends at your destination.
  • Go see a concert, visit a museum or catch a show after you’re done for the day.
  • Try the local cuisine at a restaurant and grab a drink at a local hot spot.
  • If you have some free time during the day, check out open-air markets.
  • Take a bus or walking tour of the area.

Having the opportunity to travel to a destination you might not otherwise visit can give you valuable cultural knowledge and experience that you may be able to use in the workplace. Using corporate travel services can make Bleisure a breeze and allow you make the most of your time on the road.