Tips for Securing Your Luggage on a Business Trip

Tips for Securing Your Luggage on a Business TripCorporate travel agents understand the risk of theft is an unfortunate part of business travel. Commonplace, your luggage can be stolen or tampered with in a variety of ways. It can be grabbed in an airport or hotel lobby, stolen during transit by taxi, and even tampered with by baggage handlers. How can you keep your luggage safe while away on business travel?

6 Luggage Safety Tips for Business Travelers

  1. Pack carefully.
    The best business travel agencies will tell you it’s wise to pack lightly, taking just what you need and leaving valuables at home. No matter what someone tries to offer you at an airport, don’t take or carry anything for anyone else. Never place your passport in checked luggage, keep it and your (charged) phone on you at all times. Keep a list on your phone or simply photograph items so you can confirm and report theft quickly.
  2. Monitor your bags at all times.
    Even during security checkpoints, when thieves can easily grab them while you are reassembling yourself. Travel with unique baggage. Colorful, easily-identifiable bags are a great way to thwart thievery. While traveling, if you decide to nap, loop the handle of your bag under your foot or use it as a footrest to deter opportunistic thieves.
  3. Lock it down.
    Never leave the pockets of your luggage open or compartments unzipped. This makes it easy for people to steal items from your bag or drop contraband items inside. In crowded areas, considering hugging your bag or pushing it in front of you, where it’s easy to keep in your line of sight.
  4. Use zip strips  or luggage locks for checked luggage.
    Luggage locks won’t prevent theft by TSA agents, but can guard against thieves. You may prefer inexpensive and easy to replace zip ties, bringing extra in the event of a security check. They are easy to cut off, but thwart opportunists. If your luggage arrives at the baggage claim with zip ties missing or zip tie colors changed, alert security immediately your bag has been tampered with. Preventing unnecessary reimbursement expenses should be a key component of your corporate expense management solutions.
  5. Don’t let your guard down.
    Luggage should also be monitored at restaurants and at your hotel. Use zip strips again here when you leave to prevent tampering. When your luggage is with you, wrap a strap around your chair or leg. Don’t leave important valuables behind, keep items such as your passport and cash on your person at all times. Even hotel safes often have a ‘master combination’ or key that could potentially allow others access.
  6. Purchase travel insurance before departing.
    Your travel expense policy guidelines likely allow for the purchase of insurance. Because lost luggage is not only inconvenient but expensive to replace, this is a wise investment. Just be certain you have the right level of insurance to cover valuables such as smartphones and office electronics.

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