Advantages of Using a Business Travel Agency to get the Best Deals

Think the benefits of corporate travel services are limited to only large companies? Think again. Despite the availability of online bookings for business travel, travel agents still book the bulk of travel services. Why are they in such high demand? Using a business travel agency offers a wealth of benefits to companies of all shapes and sizes.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Travel Management Service?

Whether you need small business travel management services or global event travel planning needs, corporate travel programs have a lot to offer.

  • Cost Savings
    Tight budget? No matter the size of your business, employing the help of a travel agency can save your business significant money. Due to their buying power, business travel agencies can leverage the best prices for airfare, hotels, and rental cars, trimming fares via corporate discounts, avoiding 3rd party transaction fees, and ensuring itinerary changes without fees with customer travel protections.
  • Extra Perks
    Need a break? In addition to pricing discounts, your relationship with a corporate travel agent could yield your business additional perks, including flight and room upgrades, free hotel breakfasts, and VIP check-in lines at rental car kiosks and hotels.
  • Time Savings
    Googled out? Experienced travel agents have the resources to find the most convenient and affordable flights, transportation, and lodging quickly, without taking a dent out daily productivity.
  • Ease of Booking
    Tired of daily hassles? Top corporate travel companies can expertly navigate the hassles business travelers frequently encounter, choosing from a glut of options rates, and dates, and surmounting obstacles from sold-out flights to overbooked hotels with ease, and making booking travel reservations a breeze.
  • Improved Compliance with Corporate Travel Policies
    Struggling with compliance issues? With the help of a corporate travel management company, your business can ensure transparency and a thorough understanding of travel expenses, allowing you to not only ensure compliance with corporate travel policies, but track and examine travel expenditures to uncover opportunities for savings.
  • Easier Itinerary Changes
    Something come up? In the business world, last minute travel changes are inevitable. However, with the help of a business travel planner, these are easier to mitigate without frustrating phone calls and additional charges.
  • A Direct Line to Help in Emergencies
    Trouble on-site? In emergencies, seconds matter. With a single point of contact for emergency support, your employees can rest assured that in the event of a travel emergency, rapid access to the professional and speedy support they need is available, from simple troubles such as unacceptable lodging, to complicated issues resulting from political and climate calamities.

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