Planning a Group Business Travel Event? Timing is Everything

Excited about organizing an upcoming business travel event? Business events require a lot of planning. How long before your event should you start planning? Planning should begin at least 18 months before you arrive on-site for your group event.

18 Months Before Your Event

Eighteen months prior, you should develop a budget, begin to look into group hotel rates, airfare, rental cars/transportation, event space, catering, insurance coverage, and other essentials. To find cost-saving travel solutions, you need to stay ahead of the game. After selecting  the final date, time, and location, discuss a potential theme with fellow managers or coworkers. Large event? Arrange for the event planning assistance you need at this time as well, bringing aboard an extra set of hands for each additional 25 people attending.

16 Months Before Your Event

Sixteen months before your business travel event, you should reserve lodging for your event with the help of your corporate travel company. At this point, you should have a good idea of what this event will cost your company. If you are advertising your event to outside parties, now is the time to set the marketing into motion.

12-14 Months Before Your Event

If you will be inviting guest speakers or entertainment to your event, this is the time to confirm their attendance. At this time, you should also finalize the necessary food and beverage needs of your group. Devise a floor plan for your event space, denoting seating, staging for entertainment, and exhibit space. Don’t forget to include spacing for food and beverage stations, and ample space for the lines in the event of a buffet. Design event announcements/advertising materials for print, and schedule the rental and setup of AV equipment.

6 Months

Print your second round event announcements, and with the help of your business travel consultant, begin scheduling employees/attendees for the trip. Double-check your budget/expenditures.

4 Months

Make adjustments for any last minute changes to speakers/entertainment, assigning each a room and event time.

2 Months

Amend your budget for expenditures, finalize your event schedule, and make copies for attendees. Verify your AV needs are being addressed. Determine the need for on-site signage and staff/security. Order event supplies such as pens and pads at this time. Review billing activities with your chosen hotel and event space.

1 Month

Print event guides, name tags, tickets, and other materials. Submit your daily schedule to the hotel.

Time Up to Final Event Day

Arrange an on-site office. Gather supplies and event materials, including registration packets. Finalize food and beverage needs. At the event location, begin preparing your space, including seating and décor. Do not leave anything until the last minute, as you will be busy during the day of the event supervising and ensuring things run on schedule.

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