Travel hacks to save you a lot of MONEY, What no one talks about!

Travel hacks to save you a lot of MONEY, What no one talks about!Traveling for business or pleasure can be a great way to get away from your everyday routine. But maintaining a budget while you’re away can be stressful. How can you keep costs under control while still enjoying the travel experience? The business travel planning pros at GTI Travel have a few tips to help you stretch your travel dollars.

Money-Saving Travel Hacks No One Else Talks About

  • Carry a water bottle.
    Tired of watching as TSA security chucks your water bottle, forcing you to purchase another at a massively inflated cost? Carry a reusable water bottle (or empty your current disposable one), refilling it on the other side of the lines (and throughout your trip) to avoid the exorbitant expense. If you drink a lot of water, refilling it multiple times over your trip can save a pretty penny. It also reduces plastic waste, helping the environment.
  • Bring a stash of snacks.
    Eating on-the-fly is a major expense. Packing a stash of snacks can help you cut down on snack expenditures, reducing the need to buy meals.
  • Traveling abroad? Avoid currency exchange centers in favor of ATMs.
    Global travel services providers know, while currency exchange centers may seem convenient, it can cost a pretty penny to convert cash. ATMs, however, can achieve the same result for smaller fees. For additional savings, opening an account with a bank that doesn’t charge international fees is also advisable.
  • S.O.A. (Shop on arrival).
    When you arrive at your destination, go on a grocery run, picking up drinks and snacks, breakfast fare, and the ingredients for a couple of easy meals if you have access to an in-room kitchenette.
  • Eat local.
    Avoid fast food and chains, opting instead for local and street food. Every city has cheap, delicious, filling food for on-the-go locals.
  • Avoid touristy areas.
    Practice ‘the 5-block rule’ staying away from businesses within 5-blocks of the most touristy areas of the city you are visiting. Walking another 5-6 blocks will net you better food for at least half the price.
  • Look for free things to do.
    There are tons of free things to do in every city, from parks to DIY tours and foodie adventures. A bit of research in advance of your travel event can pay off in entertainment and savings.
  • Research fares in advance.
    Taxi fares can vary significantly by region. To avoid getting ripped-off, a bit of pre-flight planning is strongly advised. This has become less of an issue since Uber and Lyft have entered the scene but it does still occur in cities where taxis remain the main mode of transport.
  • Call your cell phone provider prior to departure.
    For those traveling internationally, cell phone service (including texting) can get quite expensive. However, if you contact your provider before leaving, they can switch your service to international use, reducing costs.

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