What do Business Travelers Want in a Hotel?

What do Business Travelers Want in a Hotel | GTI TravelBusiness travelers are spending more time than ever on the road, and since their hotels are their ‘home away from home,’ a multitude of hotels are beginning to cater to their specific needs. Most corporate travel agents are well-versed in what business travelers want and have solid relationships with hotels that provide essentials and extras that make travel easier and more comfortable. If you are wondering what matters when it comes to accommodations, here are five things that make a big difference when you’re traveling for business.

1. Free Wi-Fi. In the age of email and web-based programs, free Wi-Fi is a must. The hotel should offer a secure connection and unlimited data with no time limits. Free local calls and long distance calling over the internet are also a plus. A good business travel management company will help you find a hotel that guarantees secure, free Wi-Fi so you don’t have to shop around when making reservations.

2. A ‘home’ office in a quiet setting. Business travelers often need to work in their hotel rooms. Having an office away from the office that is conducive to working is essential. Good lighting, plenty of well-placed power outlets and a comfortable, comfortable seating, and ergonomic work area are very important for travelers who may spend hours working in a hotel room. A business center and access to a printer is also a necessity.

Business travelers need a quiet environment that makes it easy to focus on work and get a good night’s rest. Rooms should be sound insulated or in a quiet corner of the hotel, away from elevators, the gym and other noisy areas with lots of activity. Many business travel agencies provide global travel services with access to extensive information about what each hotel offers so you can make sure you get what you need.

3. In-room amenities. Hair dryers, free bottled water, coffee makers and full-length mirrors are perks that make business travelers come back. Being able to easily sync devices to the television is also a plus that enhances a traveler’s experience. Quality bedding makes for good sleep, and many travelers are grateful for the luxury and comfort of when they slide between the sheets.

4. Speedy turnaround on dry cleaning. Fast, accessible dry cleaning is indispensable to the corporate traveler who needs to stay looking sharp for meetings and conferences. A clean, working iron and ironing board should also be provided.

5. Room service with healthy options. A selection of hot, in-room dining choices that are available 24/7 is important to guests on the go. Many barely have time to grab a bite while working and healthy options are much appreciated. Some hotels offer apps or in-room information on wait times so that travelers know how long their food will take to be served.

Are you looking for a hotel that meets your needs when it comes to business travel? A top corporate travel agency can help.